Friday, December 16, 2011


(Boots: Steve Madden. Tights: Target. Skirt and Cardi: J Crew. Tshirt: Downeastbasics. Glasses: Nicole Miller)

Things I am thinking...
#1. I can't believe I only got picutures of this outfit this week... I think its a good one... but... I did wear other cute things this week. Oops.
#2. Can The Hunger Games movie be out already? I told you I am not patient. I keep watching the trailer.
#3. I have no idea what to make for Christmas dinner yet. I am making it myself... I keep going through my recipes and I have no plan yet
#4. Husband keeps begging me to make the chocolate peanutbutter pie... that I have made 4 of them in the last month.... and I am over that pie.
#5. What is it about men that they are automatically good at playing video games? Even if they hardly play? Must be in their genes.
#6. I wish I could have bangs. I really really do. Like Zoey bangs (you know what I mean right?) But I have a cow lick that makes it impossible
#7. The other night I started singing to husband, "On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...." And he said, "Dinner from In N Out"... apparently I should just stop cooking.
#8. I think it should be mandatory that everyone get a week off for Christmas
#9. "My" reindeer is gone at the Christmas tree lot. And I never got to go say "hi" and pet him face to face. I am rather sad about that.
#10. Is it Christmas yet!? My 8 year old peeking tendencies are starting to kick into gear. I had to wait for husband to come home last night so he could move my presents so we could put the ruffled tree skirt I made around the tree... It's just too tempting!
Happy Friday my friends! 


Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

I'm an 8 year old too! I keep fighting it, but I REALLY want to pick up all my gifts and shake them and try to find out what they are. I'm not big on surprises ...

Casey said...

Cute outfit! Don't husband is an awesome cook and I'm...evolving, as he says. But I can't admit it yet...thus, I cling to baking :) Have a great weekend!

Simi said...

aww..y'all are so cute. I love the outfit!
p.s. I'm hosting a 100-follower giveaway at my blog, if you'd like to join!

anna said...

cute tights !! and glasses! and basically everything :)


Leah said...

Love this outfit, especially the purple.

xo L.

Whit said...

From one Whitney to another! Love your blog!

Consider me a new follower! Hope you could do the same in return!