Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I find that very pinteresting... Detox

As you might have read yesterday... I am planning a detox for husband and I starting next week. Not that we are eating horribly this week (that was only this weekend) but there are certain things we are going to be cutting out of our diet for the month of January. AKA- No (refined) sugar, no dairy, no bread... that kind of thing. I wouldn't call it a "diet" so much as I would a "clean eating" plan. Just to rid our bodies of the yummies yuckies of the season. So thanks to pinterest (!) I found many recipes for our plan. Again we will be linking up with The Vintage Apple for "Oh, How Pinteresting!!" Wednesday

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This is called "The Loaded Bowl" VIA quinoa, beans and veggies (avocado!!!) The colors are fabulous.

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Breadless fajita burger with homemade sweetpotato "fries" and guacamole VIA

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This will be first on our list to eat. It is called the "recovery salad" a dead ringer for what we need. Lots of chopped up veggies VIA

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Chicken, butternut squash, quinoa stew. I have made this one other time and I LOVED IT! Husband loved it too. VIA

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This one is for husband. It's called "peas and thank you jambalaya" I will probably switch out the sausage for chicken and the rice for quinoa... but we will see... I might just do it like it says! VIA

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This is called the "Protein Power Goddess Bowl" um... how can you NOT try it!? VIA

So friends what are you pinning now that Christmas is over!?!?



Michelle P said...

All of this looks so good!

Diane's Photography said...

that's the best looking detox diet I've every see... I'm going to copy you!

The Arizona Russums said...

i hear you. i did a mini-detox before thanksgiving, but i am probably due for another one after all the christmas goodies!

Jenna@TheLifeoftheWife said...

More power to you!! I could never do no dairy. Once, I thought was lactose intolerant..and I STILL couldn't put down the ice cream :)

The food looks great though, I'm excited to see how it goes for you!


Ashley said...

My mouth is watering! I want to make that breadless fajita burger now! Thanks for the ideas!

The Hanlon's said...

All of these recipes look amazing!!! I cannot wait to try some of them! :)

Casey said...

Great pins!! I'm currently pinning lots of room and hair re-do ideas (not the same pin board...hmm) but I am detoxing too! This is the one ( I'm checkin out but I'm not certain yet. Happy healthy eating in the new year (Lord knows hubs and I need it!)!

Jessica L. said...

I fell in love with avocados late in life and I have a severe obsession with sweet potato fries! I also love pictures of food...I don't know what's wrong with me! Your blog is very sweet!-Jessica