Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Tradition Swap!

Hello lovelies! It's so nice to be back after an (amazing) weekend away at the bay (long post to come later haha)!
Today we are going to link up with my cute girls who participated in our Holiday Tradition Swap!
TEAKA who was paired up with KIRSI
SHAWNA who was paired up with KYRIE
ERICA who was paired up with RACHEL

and finally the fantastic ELISABETH who got me :-)

Santa's reindeer have been out practicing flying a lot more lately (as you can imagine) so some of our packages have yet to make it to their destinations. That just means we will get them closer to Christmas! Go peek at the other girls blogs (please!) and see what treasures and traditions they shared with their new blogger friends and be sure to check back here. I will let you all know what all of the girls have receieve their packages! For now... I will be patiently watching the mailbox like a hawk for my package from Elisabeth

Note: This is not my mailbox... I wish it was... my mailbox looks more like this...
Minus the creepy dude standing next to it


Teaka said...

Thank's Whitney for hosting this swap. It was such a blast!!

Elisabeth said...

sorry it hasn't gotten there yet! but thanks for hosting it...it was so much fun :) and thanks again for your wonderful present :)

Nessa @{Casa Braaflat} said...

what a fun idea!