Thursday, December 22, 2011

Guess what came in the mail yesterday!?

Yep thats right! I got my Swap package from ELISABETH!
Yesterday was just one of those days... everything was going just plain wrong
I was on the verge of tears most of the afternoon
And then... as soon as I drove up to my house... a package was waiting for me on my doorstep
I lept out of the car to make sure it was from who I thought it was from. It was.
Oh this sweet little package couldn't have come on a better day
I was in need of some Christmas spirit

As soon as I opened the package I got teary eyed. Everything was just so beautiful.

From Elisabeth's handmade card

To the cute tree ornament

The cozy and gorgeous scarf (that I put on right away!)

And the fabulous new Christmas book!

I was speechless at the generosity of Elisabeth in letting me into one of their new Christmas traditions and letting me be a part of it.

Thank you Elisabeth! You are amazing. 


Amira said...

Oh my gosh such a thoughtful gift and genius tradition! I might just have to steal it :-)
P.S. Looks like you won an award...check out my latest post :-)

Teaka said...

I just love when packages or mail comes in when you need it the most! Looks like just a fun package as well! :D

Purposely at Home said...

awww! yay! so glad it made your day. i hope you are having an amazing weekend...:)


Casey said...

What a sweet gift, and a beautiful book! Elisabeth does seem amazing! Are you going to continue it on?? :)

Elisabeth said...

Thanks Whitney! It was so much fun doing this swap with you and i'm glad it finally came :)

Rachel said...

Yeah we had fun doing the swap too! I just got my gift from Erica and blogged about it today!