Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Buon Natale!

(notice the chalkboard gift tag!?)

I never take enough (or good for that matter) pictures of Christmas... At the time I think "lets just enjoy the moment" and then of course today I am regretting not taking more pictures. I don't even have any of Devin opening his presents! I'm a horrible wife.
I spent almost the entire day Christmas Eve cooking and baking and slaving away in the kitchen. I loved it. Until I realized that I didn't leave the house the whole day.
I started baking around 8am and I didn't finish until about 2... and then I started cooking Christmas Eve dinner at 5.
(Christmas Jammies!)

Things I made for Christmas Eve...
Corn bread muffins
and I also made Paula Deen's cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast

I was sooo tired. Fortunately I got to take a nap before dinner. Christmas Eve was nice. We had my parents over and some friends. They all left early and we were left with our little family of 3. We got into our PJ's, read The Night Before Christmas, and Luke 2 and watched The Santa Claus. We decided it was time to go to bed and neither Devin nor I could sleep. "I'm too excited to sleep!" husband said. yes we are still 5.

I awoke bright and early Christmas morning, brought down husband stocking and started baking the cinnamon rolls. I also was "Santa" for Lucy. Yes, we bought or dog stuffed animals for Christmas. They were 10 cents at the thrift store and she was happy. I wanted to finish up the cinnamon rolls but husband couldn't wait to open presents! And so we did. I wish I would have taken a picture of Dev's cute face opening presents. He was so happy (and surprised thankyouverymuch).

What he got: ipod nano with wrist band, nike free running shoes, jumper cables (he wanted them), caulking gun, double whammy nerf gun (with extra amo), gear shift cuff links (they are pretty awesome if I do say so myself!), an airplane tie, biking gloves, and an airplane pillow I hand made for him. He was a happy happy camper!

What I got: HUNTER WELLIES! And they are RED! I also got these crazy Hunter wellie socks. They remind me of snow pants for your feet. I also got the Harry Potter cup I wanted! And Le Creuset bake ware, a new Sephora blush brush, mascara, a giant Sephora makeup pallet, the whole Josie Moran argon oil collection, under armour socks (fav!), and lots of other girlie cute things filled my stocking.

We set a spending limit each year (including stocking stuffers) and it always works out perfectly. The only time we left the house yesterday was to go to church. We napped. And I cooked (again).

Christmas dinner included:
Brined Turkey breast w/ Spanish rub and sour orange sauce
Twice baked potatoes
Roasted butternut squash and Brussels sprouts
and my mom's famous yeast rolls and homemade stuffing
We also had desserts from the previous night... there were tons!

After dinner we watched a movie and my parents headed home and we headed upstairs to play xbox kinect. This was the first time we have played the kinect since getting it the day after Thanksgiving! And it was awesome! Just Dance 3 is my favorite.

Yesterday we headed to Camarillo to do a little shopping... and my faith in J Crew was restored! I am so sad that Christmas is over. I started taking down all of the decorations :-( and now my house is going to feel empty without them. 363 days until next Christmas! Boo... now I have to go back to work today.... sigh. Can I just be 8 again and have 3 weeks off?


Amira said...

I think you deserve some sort of wife-of-the-year award! All that cooking and baking is impressive!

The Arizona Russums said...

i always forget to take christmas pics too. glad your faith in j.crew was restored. :)

Jessica L. said...

Awww...baking and anything red velvet are the best! So are PJs- you can never have too many of them. I love your blog!-Jessica