Thursday, December 29, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

(Shoes: Nordstroms. Pants: JCP. Belt: Husband's. Botton down: J Crew. Glasses: Nicole Miller)

-Ok so... this story takes the cake of all the awkwardness of the week (in fact I have forgotten most other awkward things that have happened due to this event). I wasn't going to share it only husband thought it was so funny. Alright- let me start of by saying that I am NOT pregnant. Yes this story has to do with that. We are not trying to get pregnant or planning on becoming so. BUT... I did have a dream that seemed very real where I took a pregnancy test and it was screaming positive! (imagine that scene from Juno... you know what I'm talking about right? where Dwight from the office says "that ain't no etch-a-sketch, that's one doodle that can't be undid homeskillet") And it was buggin' me all day long. So I decided to pop over to the store on my break (I usually just go chill at my parent's office) and buy a test just to be even more sure than I already was. So I am walking around the store to the check out with this big ol box (ok it isn't that big) with everyone lookin' at me- Oh I know what you did type looks so I decided to cover up my purchase with some snacks. I get to the check out and the lady is putting all of my stuff into a bag when I say (about the pregnancy test), "Um... can I put that into my purse? I just don't want my mom to see. She will freak out." I could see the horror register on this lady's face (and the 4 other people in line)! She doesn't want her mom to know!? She must be under aged! And she thinks she is pregnant! I see all this going down in her head so I quickly say, "Oh no no no! I am married!!! See! (I hold up my ring) I just don't want my mom to see the test because then she will freak out in a good way." Relief... that is all I see on this poor lady's face (and those standing behind me in line)... she says "Oh I see you want it to be a surprise!" Um... sure lady... I'm just going to leave now that I'm horribly embarrassed...
-After said event above when I went back to work and I took my snacks with me (teddy grahams, gold fish, apple slices) and my co-worker said, "You eat the same snacks that most 3 year olds do"... yep... sure do
-The moment when you know something is about to fall out of your hands and as soon as it does you yell "NOOOOOO!" as if that will stop it from falling/breaking (totally happened to me this morning as I was undecorating the  Christmas tree... broken glass everywhere)

-That on Christmas Eve I wanted to paint my nails and didn't have time to wait for them to air dry so husband held my hair dryer on them for 15 minutes so they could dry... that's love people.
-I GOT MY RED HUNTER WELLIES! I keep checking the weather forecast to see when it will rain... not until next Friday :-( it was 61 at 7 am today
-I have our "detox" meal all planned out. I am pretty excited about it.
-Just dance 3. I am telling you that thing will kick your butt
-I also enjoy playing kinect "fruit ninja" has anyone else played that!? I totally kicked husband's bootay
-I successfully got glitter off of my fingernails yesterday with only 1 cotton ball
-When we went to Anthropoligie and husband saw the actual bed spread that I modeled mine after and he said, "I like the one you made better."
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!


The Hanlon's said...

adorable outfit!! I bought a pair of red pants and love them!! I would love to find some green one like your. super cute!

C said...

your husband did what?! that really IS love! sounds like a keeper! :D

samecookiesdifferent said...

in <3 with your green dress

X the cookies
have a visit

Jessica L. said...

Love your whole outfit! I'm not brave enough yet to try green pants...maybe some day....-Jessica

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

First off, I love your green pants. Seriously, amazing.
And second of all ,oh my gosh!! That is so so embarrassing but its such a good story so it makes it totally worth it! Haha, oh well, it was just a bunch of strangers anyway!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Ally @ Love Parish said...

You must have tons of willpower to go through with detox (awesome!). Also fruit ninja is addicting...I already know a few people obsessed with it and so I have been trying to avoid by all means! :)