Thursday, December 22, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

(boots: macy's. skirt: target. top and headband: j crew. lipstick: nars schiap)
-I think I said this on Tuesday... but Cheetah's MEOW... like a kitty cat... it freaked me out
-At the zoo when everyone (but us thankyouverymuch) was taking pictures of the polar bear pooping. I think they need to buy the book "everyone poops"
-The other day when I was so tired that I put the remote in the sink. I guess it needed to be washed?
-When this lady at work as me if picking up a waterbottle counted as a "heavy weight"... it threw me for a second... I told her I was pretty sure that counted as "light weight"
-Pulling too far forward in the parking space... looking at it... deciding you need to move forward... so you move forward... decide that wasn't enough still... move forward again...decide that wasn't enough... move forward again... And yes this happened to me on Tuesday.
-When people wear Ugly Christmas sweaters and they are unware of their ugliness...

-3 days until Christmas!!!
-Movie night tonight!
-We are having enchiladas for dinner
-Husband has tomorrow off of work!
-We are going out to eat tomorrow at our favorite Chinese restaurant
-I have worn boots almost every day this week
-Tomorrow is Friday!!!

Happy Thursday friends!

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