Thursday, December 15, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

First off let me just say that I was going to wait until we got all of our pictures back to share them with you... but I just can't wait (patience is a quality I lack). So here is a little sneak peak of our "family" photo's we did with the fabulous Diane - we just love her!

-Waking up with what I like to call "Harry Potter arm". Remember in the second book when Harry breaks his arm and then Lockhart tries to fix it and all of his bones are gone and its all floppy? Well my arm falls asleep so frequently that when I wake up I freak out and think all my bones are gone because I can't feel my arms and its all floppy. It happened again last night. I told husband this morning "Sorry love I had Harry Potter arm last night." His response? "Oh thats what was going on..."
-Getting your oil changed especially when you are car-illiterate like me. "Would you also like a car talk car talk car talk"... or "Your something or other is blah blah blah" yeah dude you are talking to the wrong person... I have strict instructions to just get my oil changed... yes I know my car is junk but I like her ok?
-There were 2 days in a row this week where I was baking at 8am
-The woman at the fabric store who was wearing a purple tutu over her jeans... I know tutu's have their place... I just think that tutu was wearing her ya know what I mean?
-Also going to Harbor Freight (the tool place) to buy husband presents. I really don't like going. The men there just look at me and go "HAHA!" This time no one offered to help me so it took me 5x as long to find the 2 things that I needed.
-This little old man who says "how you doin?" (in a jersey accent) everytime a girl walks by
-When this girl at work bought a headband and came and showed it to me and she said, "Is this something you would wear?" I stuttered and said, "Um... probably." I don't think I was convincing because she said, "Well I like it!"
-Messing up on your eyeliner... and then trying to fix it... and then smudging it... and then trying to fix it again... and then you just look like a crazy racoon... boo. Starting over... 

-We are going to San Diego this weekend!
-10 days until Christmas!
-3 days until our 3 year anniversary!
-We took Monday off of work
-I am finally done Christmas shopping! Whoop!
-Finals are done and over with and now I can relax and enjoy whats left of this holiday season!
-I acutally get off of work before 7 tonight
-I am currently in the process of making a ruffled Christmas tree skirt (that everyone and their mom's have made)
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!

Happy Thursday my friends!


Shannon said...

What cute pictures! Next year I am definitely have some professional ones done for Christmas.

Jess - PrettyPhysicist said...

I love the Harry Potter Arm comment ... perfect explanation! :)

Elisabeth said...

love the pictures whitney!

LindsayNicole said...

LOVE your pictures! Cant wait for more! And Harry Potter arm is a classic description. Happy Thursday!

Anonymous said...

So I've never seen Harry Potter( i'm probably the only one), but this does happen to me all time! I'm going to start calling it that! Love the family pics... gorgeous family, love that you included your pup! Happy Holidays.

Married...with a Pup said...

I LOVE your christmas photos! Ours didn't turn out the greatest this year...o well, there's always next year right?!? :-)

Stephanie said...

WOW! You guys have so much coming up to look forward too! Happy early anniversary and I hope you guys have an awesome time this weekend!

P.S. I LOVED your oil change story. "Car talk car talk car talk." HAHA! I was laughing out loud because that's totally me! : )

Hanna said...

Beautiful photos! LOVE those brown boots!! Thank you for your lovely comment on my New Years Cupcakes. They were so fun to make!!!

xoxoxox Hanna

Fancy Pants said...

Beautiful photos. You two are super cute:)

Casey said...

Beautiful photos, and love the background you got going on!! Love it! Happy weekend :)