Thursday, December 1, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

(Boots: Macys. Socks and tights: Target. Skirt and top: Gap. Glasses: Nicole Miller. Lipstick: Nars Schiap)

-When Devin and I were playing his new Xbox car racing game and he picked a lamborghini to drive (and he didn't let me pick my car) and he suddenly exclaimed "Whoa there's another car on the course!" Me "Yeah bug thats me" Husband "No way that car is a piece of junk!" Me "Yeah honey you just lapped me I'm in a crappy car going 40 mph" Husband "Oops I guess I should have let you pick what car you wanted"...
-When husband and I had to drag our Chirstmas tree through OSH to the check out counter. Please excuse us while we hoist this 8 foot tree through these small aisles.
-The teenage boys in line at Best Best who wanted to talk Hunger Games with me... they are team Peeta too
-People who have long toe nails... clip them!
-When I got an invite to an annual Christmas party with my maiden name on it. Oh yeah that used to be my name huh? weird.
-The missionaries from our church left a pass along card on my window the other day... apparently they think I am inactive
-When you think you are totally rockin' an outfit and then you see yourself later and you think "Oh... thats what I looked like today?"
-Christmas tree's with no presents under them. I am tempted to wrap empty boxes and throw them under there.
-Seeing Zac Effron on TV still tripps me out. I want to yell "You used to have canary yellow hair and be shorter than me lameo!" but I don't... because then I would be talking to a TV and thats just crazy
-When you eat something {hello spaghetti the other day} and you get food on your face and no one tells you and you find out when you finally go to the bathroom.
-That tomorrow if Friday... lets just start with that one. I am so ready
-That today it is more socially acceptable {at work} to listen to Christmas music
-My new J Crew coat (hello $100 discount) that came in the mail!
-Getting our family/holiday pictures taken on Saturday!
-When the smell of our Christmas tree smacks me in the face when I walk in the door
-You guys! I love reading your blogs and getting to know about your lives and reading your sweet comments. They make my day so much brighter. So thanks :-)
-Did I mention how excited I am that its December?
-Husband's email the other day that said, "Hey love bug... our anniversary is coming and I just wanted to say I love you and you are the best wife I could ever imagine and am so lucy to have you." He is the best.


bethani said...

really really love your boots!!!

and i feel the same way about that food on your face and no one telling you - but my problem is pen ink. i'm the worst with that stuff.

Shannon said...

Your boots are so dang cute! I identify with the food on the face also, except last time mine was hair dye that my stylist got on the side of my face and I walked around with a big brown smudge on my face for 8 hours and NO ONE told me!

Miss Amy said...

mmmm the smell of a christmas tree is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season!!! great boots!

Diane's Photography said...

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas! Love your boots Whitney! And I would have definately told you about the food on your face! :D

LindsayNicole said...

Haha LOVE this awkward and awesome post!! Thanks for sharing girl!

Lottie said...

You look so cute...loving the glasses!

And I love this post.

I have had an awkward moment this week, went to the supermarket with a black mark on my wonder everyone was looking at me slightly weirdly!

Meggan of Lila Grace said...

Love your outfit! The boots and sock/tights are such a cute look and you wore them perfectly! I am team Peeta too!! I am about halfway through the second book and can NOT wait for the movie! Have a great weekend!