Monday, December 19, 2011

3 years... and counting...

Warning! Long post about our weekend with lots of pictures!

This past weekend... was perfect
And I don't use that word a lot
But perfect is what it was

We started off our adventure a little late (in my opinion) by leaving early Saturday morning. We made excellent time getting down to the bay- we arrived at 1... and then we realized we couldn't check in to our hotel until 4. We honestly had zero plans when we went down there... and I liked it that way.

We googled our way to the USS Midway. Big surprise there were airplanes there? Good I wasn't either! That sucks was huge... with tiny baby sleeping spaces. I don't even think Lucy would have been comfortable sleeping in there.  I got so lost on that big aircraft carrier I had no idea how people even lived there... I can't believe they still make our military sleep in those tiny little boxes they call beds... They had cute WWII vets there telling us all about their experiences and it made me even more appreciative of those who serve our country... and reminders like that make me even prouder (is that a word!?) to be a military wife. Anyway... I digress

We were pretty hungry after walking all over the ship (and playing with all the airplane stuff! yes its stuff to me). So... we went to Little Italy and decided to try a little bit of Italiano at Buon Appetito. This place was the cutest, coziest place ever. You just know there is a little grandma in the back barking orders and making the homemade pasta. The food was to die for. Seriously. I haven't ever had Italian food that good. Olive Garden is not Italian food... not real Italian food anyway. I had the gnocci and Devin got the Raviolli. Fantastico.

We checked in to our hotel... which was right on the bay and reminded me of Hawaii. We got settled in... and as soon as I got comfy on the bed to take a little rest... husband busts our this bad boy...

I almost screamed. We told each other we weren't getting gifts! (that little stinker!) Our trip was our gift to each other... and just being with each other was gift enough for me. Regardless... I opened that little blue box and this is what I found...

I about cried. I have been wanting this necklace ever since husband bought me the matching earrings last Valentines day. Husband was smiling from ear to ear. He knows how special this all is to me. I love that I now have these airlooms that I can pass down to our children and say "your dad gave this to me on... such and such".

On a whim... we decided to check the hours of the temple (where we were married) and oops we decided we had better hightail it over there if we were going to make it in time... well I took a little longer to get ready (and husband wore his wedding tie again for the first time since! I cried)... we didn't... but we got to do something even better... sealings. It was such a beautiful and wonderful experience. I cried (again). How could this night get any better than it already was? And it wasn't even our actual anniversary yet!?!?

Sprinkles. Thats how it got better. Cupcakes. And eating cupcakes in bed and getting crumbs everywhere makes it all the more fantastic.

The next day was just a llaaaaaaaaazzzzy day. We slept in. Took our time... and had the most amazing breakfast at Cafe on Park... check out my scramble (up top)! Husband had french toast...he says mine is better but I know he is just being sweet.

Then we went to the ZOO!!! Oh how fun is the zoo!? Too much fun. We laughed and held hands, and walked in the rain and peered at all the animals, and giggled and kissed... and it was wonderful... we even went back and took a nap before heading out for dinner at... dun dun dun... The Cheesecake Factory...

Yes I think I gained 10 lbs on this trip (complete with peppermintbark cheesecake thankyouverymuch). But it was oh so worth it. We went to Coronado Island... and the beach... and walked around the bay... and... sigh... I miss it already.

It was so nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and have time to sleeeeeeeep and relax and have fun.
I love you Devin Zufelt. You know that. But I like to remind you. You are the best husband ever... and I mean it. I can't wait for forever with you! XO


LindsayNicole said...

Happy Anniversary to you both! What a fun weekend! Love your necklace and love to hear what a great time you guys had!


Brittany said...

Happy Anniversary!

Ashley said...

this is so sweet. glad you guys had a fantastic time!!! :)