Tuesday, December 6, 2011

19 days until Christmas

(mom and me at the ornament party)

I just wanted to remind you that we are now in the "teens" in the countdown to Christmas!
This past weekend REALLY started to feel like Christmas to me.
Friday, I emailed husband while I was at work and said, "Tonight I want to have Panera mac n cheese, a salted caramel hot chocolate, get into my Christmas PJ's and watch Home Alone."
He said, "Sounds wonderful!" I love him :-)
So thats what we did
(ornament party dessert displays!)

(Oh dear... just looking at this makes me want to go workout haha)

Saturday was the annual ornament exchange party we go to. I have been going to this party for a good 6+ years (I have lost count) and I have now been dubded "The number Nazi" or "The rule keeper".

(some of the ladies enjoying brunch)

Because let me tell you... these ladies like to skip ahead and cheat! The way the game goes.. you get number (this year it was 1-48!! I was 43) and #1 picks a gift... #2 can steal #1's gift or pick a new one... and so on... each gift can only be stolen 3 times and then its "frozen"... see why I am the rule keeper???

(this is an "I just stole your ornament haha!" face)

It was kind of sad going because it is my last year :-( since we will be moving. So I enjoyed the fresh squeezed orange juice and the dessert table more than I usually do because... well... its just plain amazing!!!
(this is my friend KIRSI she got the perfect ornament! I wanted to steal it... but... I didn't)
(our house from the street)

When I got home I found husband slaving away at the Christmas lights. I told him that I was in the Christmas mood now and that I wanted to make hot chocolate truffles and homemade marshmallows.... And so I did :-) but... I didn't get pictures {oops} so pinterest pictures will have to do...
Pinned Image
these were ridiculously easy and delicious!

Pinned Image
Yes I did make them into snowflakes too!

Then husband really got into the spirit too and said he wanted to make an ornament wreath....
(yes you read that right... HUSBAND made this!)

 and I made this super cute paper banner from HERE

This weekend... was the best!
P.S. Is anyone else having issue's finding presents for their man!? Mine is being very difficult and won't give me any ideas... Boo.


Kirsi said...

Yay for the ornament exchange! And I made the banner too. It is adorable :)

McKenzie King said...

thanks so much for your comment! i hope the food and toy drives go well. are you going to deliver the goods yourself? let me know! ah, Christmas is such fun time. i love you your post, those treats look so yummy.

Shannon said...

What a cute party! I love the idea. Also, your house looks gorgeous. I'm very jealous of your Cali weather, it's 5° here today!

J and A said...

Wow great job to the hubby! I have to make mine still, bought everythign last year and still have not done in!