Friday, December 30, 2011

10 Things...

(Boots: Macy's. Socks: Target. Skirt: J Crew. Cardi: Nordstroms. Glasses: Nicole Miller)

10 things that are making me happy today...
#1. The extra cuddles husband gave me this morning... and the extra pets he gave Lucy
#2. That I have not only the meals planned out for the next 4 weeks, I also have the grocery shopping lists done too
#3. My new Hunter wellies (yes I know I have mentioned them a time or two). I keep putting them on in hopes that rain will come sooner... it won't. It's supposed to be 75 here today.
#4. Although I will not be wearing my wellies this weekend... husband has suggested we go to the beach. Beach+husband=happiness
#5. Our cute friends Sarah and Michael are coming over tonight to play xbox kinect.
#6. As a last "hurrah" before our detox I will (most likely) be making salted caramel cupcakes- go big or go home right?
#7. We got the Christmas tree out of the house last night. This particular event wouldn't usually make me happy BUT what did make me happy about it is that we got it out without getting any water on the carpet... needles are another story
#8. I was worried that after the holiday's that pinterest wouldn't have very much to offer me... oh how wrong I was
#9. I have Devin's birthday list complete and ready for action. Although he wasn't all that thrilled when I asked him what he wanted the day after Christmas - "It's 5 months away!" he said.
#10. That for Valentine's Day we get massages. Its an unspoken rule now in our house that that is what we do for that holiday... and I love it. 

Happy Friday friends!


Michelle P said...

Sadly, I've never gotten a massage, hopefully soon!

brooke field said...

I heart happiness lists!

Lisa @ MMT said...

I like your 10 things list! How fun!

The Hanlon's said...

Love happy lists! I have done one in a while... I love your skirt! Where did you get it?

Diane's Photography said...

I like happy, and it's fun to see that others are happy too! Cute happy list Whitney!