Saturday, December 31, 2011

A look back at 2011

I can't believe 2011 is coming to a close! It went by so fast! Here is a look back on some of the highlights of 2011 for us...

I did my very first outfit post
and my very first Awkward and Awesome! We also made our first trip of the year down to LA

Husband had his awards dinner, I got my very first gift from Tiffany & Co. My degree (aka piece of paper) finally came in the mail, AND we went to Disneyland for my birthday.

We discovered the best breakfast place here on the central coast (Kay's Country Kitchen), I rediscovered my love for N'Sync, AND husband and I went to China Peak to get in some skiing and snowboarding.

I did Jillian Michael's six week six pack, my new baby nephew was born, I said "good bye" to Prince William (yes I stayed up all night to watch the royal wedding!) and husband and I got ready to leave for Hawaii.

We went to Hawaii! We started doing the insanity workouts, Devin had a birthday (and he got flying time), and I started making recipes out of the Biggest Loser cookbooks.

I quit my job to go back to school for pre-reques for grad school, I taught yoga at girls camp, we discovered the yumminess of Izze's and went to farmer's market (the only time we went the entire year)
We went to a Dodger game, I "walked" in the graduation ceremony, we discovered how cute the Camarillo airport is (and the cafe there!), I passed statistics! I had a BYU-I party for our cute kids going off to school there, and we discovered that Lucy loves fireworks.

Husband went to Colorado for training for 3 weeks and I thought I was going to die. I went out to visit him for a few days though. I discovered QVC. I had my first DIY project (I painted my sewing desk remember?), I started learning to sew! And husband bought me a nice sewing machine. Husband also flew us to Catalina Island for the day.

I discovered red lipstick. I also learned that my parents home is no longer my home. Husband was gone for most of this month. Mom and I went to Disneyland again. I sewed my very first piece of clothing (pencil skirt above!) And I started making the anthropologie inspired quilt.

We decided on our Halloween costumes and got to work. We went to San Francisco! We also watched a Stanford football game. October was pretty much consumed with getting our costume's in order since we made most of Devin's.

Thanksgiving! Black Friday! Finished my anthro quilt! And I announced our Holiday Tradition Swap!  We went to LA again... and had sprinkles cupcakes and we went to the Getty!

3 year anniversary :-) Christmas... and pure happiness

I can't wait to see what next year brings us!

Friday, December 30, 2011

10 Things...

(Boots: Macy's. Socks: Target. Skirt: J Crew. Cardi: Nordstroms. Glasses: Nicole Miller)

10 things that are making me happy today...
#1. The extra cuddles husband gave me this morning... and the extra pets he gave Lucy
#2. That I have not only the meals planned out for the next 4 weeks, I also have the grocery shopping lists done too
#3. My new Hunter wellies (yes I know I have mentioned them a time or two). I keep putting them on in hopes that rain will come sooner... it won't. It's supposed to be 75 here today.
#4. Although I will not be wearing my wellies this weekend... husband has suggested we go to the beach. Beach+husband=happiness
#5. Our cute friends Sarah and Michael are coming over tonight to play xbox kinect.
#6. As a last "hurrah" before our detox I will (most likely) be making salted caramel cupcakes- go big or go home right?
#7. We got the Christmas tree out of the house last night. This particular event wouldn't usually make me happy BUT what did make me happy about it is that we got it out without getting any water on the carpet... needles are another story
#8. I was worried that after the holiday's that pinterest wouldn't have very much to offer me... oh how wrong I was
#9. I have Devin's birthday list complete and ready for action. Although he wasn't all that thrilled when I asked him what he wanted the day after Christmas - "It's 5 months away!" he said.
#10. That for Valentine's Day we get massages. Its an unspoken rule now in our house that that is what we do for that holiday... and I love it. 

Happy Friday friends!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

(Shoes: Nordstroms. Pants: JCP. Belt: Husband's. Botton down: J Crew. Glasses: Nicole Miller)

-Ok so... this story takes the cake of all the awkwardness of the week (in fact I have forgotten most other awkward things that have happened due to this event). I wasn't going to share it only husband thought it was so funny. Alright- let me start of by saying that I am NOT pregnant. Yes this story has to do with that. We are not trying to get pregnant or planning on becoming so. BUT... I did have a dream that seemed very real where I took a pregnancy test and it was screaming positive! (imagine that scene from Juno... you know what I'm talking about right? where Dwight from the office says "that ain't no etch-a-sketch, that's one doodle that can't be undid homeskillet") And it was buggin' me all day long. So I decided to pop over to the store on my break (I usually just go chill at my parent's office) and buy a test just to be even more sure than I already was. So I am walking around the store to the check out with this big ol box (ok it isn't that big) with everyone lookin' at me- Oh I know what you did type looks so I decided to cover up my purchase with some snacks. I get to the check out and the lady is putting all of my stuff into a bag when I say (about the pregnancy test), "Um... can I put that into my purse? I just don't want my mom to see. She will freak out." I could see the horror register on this lady's face (and the 4 other people in line)! She doesn't want her mom to know!? She must be under aged! And she thinks she is pregnant! I see all this going down in her head so I quickly say, "Oh no no no! I am married!!! See! (I hold up my ring) I just don't want my mom to see the test because then she will freak out in a good way." Relief... that is all I see on this poor lady's face (and those standing behind me in line)... she says "Oh I see you want it to be a surprise!" Um... sure lady... I'm just going to leave now that I'm horribly embarrassed...
-After said event above when I went back to work and I took my snacks with me (teddy grahams, gold fish, apple slices) and my co-worker said, "You eat the same snacks that most 3 year olds do"... yep... sure do
-The moment when you know something is about to fall out of your hands and as soon as it does you yell "NOOOOOO!" as if that will stop it from falling/breaking (totally happened to me this morning as I was undecorating the  Christmas tree... broken glass everywhere)

-That on Christmas Eve I wanted to paint my nails and didn't have time to wait for them to air dry so husband held my hair dryer on them for 15 minutes so they could dry... that's love people.
-I GOT MY RED HUNTER WELLIES! I keep checking the weather forecast to see when it will rain... not until next Friday :-( it was 61 at 7 am today
-I have our "detox" meal all planned out. I am pretty excited about it.
-Just dance 3. I am telling you that thing will kick your butt
-I also enjoy playing kinect "fruit ninja" has anyone else played that!? I totally kicked husband's bootay
-I successfully got glitter off of my fingernails yesterday with only 1 cotton ball
-When we went to Anthropoligie and husband saw the actual bed spread that I modeled mine after and he said, "I like the one you made better."
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I find that very pinteresting... Detox

As you might have read yesterday... I am planning a detox for husband and I starting next week. Not that we are eating horribly this week (that was only this weekend) but there are certain things we are going to be cutting out of our diet for the month of January. AKA- No (refined) sugar, no dairy, no bread... that kind of thing. I wouldn't call it a "diet" so much as I would a "clean eating" plan. Just to rid our bodies of the yummies yuckies of the season. So thanks to pinterest (!) I found many recipes for our plan. Again we will be linking up with The Vintage Apple for "Oh, How Pinteresting!!" Wednesday

Pinned Image
This is called "The Loaded Bowl" VIA quinoa, beans and veggies (avocado!!!) The colors are fabulous.

Pinned Image 
Breadless fajita burger with homemade sweetpotato "fries" and guacamole VIA

Pinned Image
This will be first on our list to eat. It is called the "recovery salad" a dead ringer for what we need. Lots of chopped up veggies VIA

Pinned Image
Chicken, butternut squash, quinoa stew. I have made this one other time and I LOVED IT! Husband loved it too. VIA

Pinned Image
This one is for husband. It's called "peas and thank you jambalaya" I will probably switch out the sausage for chicken and the rice for quinoa... but we will see... I might just do it like it says! VIA

Pinned Image
This is called the "Protein Power Goddess Bowl" um... how can you NOT try it!? VIA

So friends what are you pinning now that Christmas is over!?!?


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's Ok...

Yes I am thankful it's Tuesday... but sometimes those are worse than Monday's... especially after a Holiday weekend...

It's Ok...
-To plan a detox meal plan for the month of January.... I think we have had more sugar in the last 2 weeks than we had the entire year
-To not want to take your Christmas tree down... and the only reason you actually do is because said tree is "crispy" AKA dead
-That both Devin and I wore our new shoes we got for Christmas all Christmas morning... then we had to go to church and realized that wellies and running shoes at church were not appropriate
-To have made more desserts this weekend than things with actual nutirional value
-That my wardrobe staples are 1. cardigans. 2. pencil skirts
-That I haven't worked out since Friday (I will today!)
-To still want to watch Christmas movies even though it isn't Christmas day anymore
-That we bought Lucy Christmas presents... she is part of the family afterall
-That all I want to do still is bake... and bake... and bake
-To already be talking about my birthday... even though it is in 2 months
-To be looking at birthday presents for Devin's birthday even though its in... almost 5 months
-To already be freaking out about husband leaving for Alabama for 2 months...

Whats OK with you today?

(Shoes: Macy's. Dress: Shabby Apple. Belt: Express. Crazy Curled Hair: Me)

Buon Natale!

(notice the chalkboard gift tag!?)

I never take enough (or good for that matter) pictures of Christmas... At the time I think "lets just enjoy the moment" and then of course today I am regretting not taking more pictures. I don't even have any of Devin opening his presents! I'm a horrible wife.
I spent almost the entire day Christmas Eve cooking and baking and slaving away in the kitchen. I loved it. Until I realized that I didn't leave the house the whole day.
I started baking around 8am and I didn't finish until about 2... and then I started cooking Christmas Eve dinner at 5.
(Christmas Jammies!)

Things I made for Christmas Eve...
Corn bread muffins
and I also made Paula Deen's cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast

I was sooo tired. Fortunately I got to take a nap before dinner. Christmas Eve was nice. We had my parents over and some friends. They all left early and we were left with our little family of 3. We got into our PJ's, read The Night Before Christmas, and Luke 2 and watched The Santa Claus. We decided it was time to go to bed and neither Devin nor I could sleep. "I'm too excited to sleep!" husband said. yes we are still 5.

I awoke bright and early Christmas morning, brought down husband stocking and started baking the cinnamon rolls. I also was "Santa" for Lucy. Yes, we bought or dog stuffed animals for Christmas. They were 10 cents at the thrift store and she was happy. I wanted to finish up the cinnamon rolls but husband couldn't wait to open presents! And so we did. I wish I would have taken a picture of Dev's cute face opening presents. He was so happy (and surprised thankyouverymuch).

What he got: ipod nano with wrist band, nike free running shoes, jumper cables (he wanted them), caulking gun, double whammy nerf gun (with extra amo), gear shift cuff links (they are pretty awesome if I do say so myself!), an airplane tie, biking gloves, and an airplane pillow I hand made for him. He was a happy happy camper!

What I got: HUNTER WELLIES! And they are RED! I also got these crazy Hunter wellie socks. They remind me of snow pants for your feet. I also got the Harry Potter cup I wanted! And Le Creuset bake ware, a new Sephora blush brush, mascara, a giant Sephora makeup pallet, the whole Josie Moran argon oil collection, under armour socks (fav!), and lots of other girlie cute things filled my stocking.

We set a spending limit each year (including stocking stuffers) and it always works out perfectly. The only time we left the house yesterday was to go to church. We napped. And I cooked (again).

Christmas dinner included:
Brined Turkey breast w/ Spanish rub and sour orange sauce
Twice baked potatoes
Roasted butternut squash and Brussels sprouts
and my mom's famous yeast rolls and homemade stuffing
We also had desserts from the previous night... there were tons!

After dinner we watched a movie and my parents headed home and we headed upstairs to play xbox kinect. This was the first time we have played the kinect since getting it the day after Thanksgiving! And it was awesome! Just Dance 3 is my favorite.

Yesterday we headed to Camarillo to do a little shopping... and my faith in J Crew was restored! I am so sad that Christmas is over. I started taking down all of the decorations :-( and now my house is going to feel empty without them. 363 days until next Christmas! Boo... now I have to go back to work today.... sigh. Can I just be 8 again and have 3 weeks off?

Saturday, December 24, 2011

All is calm.... All is bright

Happy Christmas Eve! I can't believe it is here. I hope you are all enjoying time with your loved ones and making fantastic memories! I wasn't planning on posting today (well... until Tuesday for that matter) but I woke up this morning at about 5:30 and couldn't go back to sleep. I have a lot of baking and cooking to get done... but before 6 is a bit yearly to get that started. And honestly, I just feel like sitting in front of the Christmas tree (lights on) this morning. I want to bask in the calm and quiet that is this early hour. With my sleeping husband and puppy all snuggled into their (separate) beds- I like to "gaze lovingly" at them as they sleep. My heart is full. And I am truly blessed.

So for any of you who need to take a break from the hustle and bustle that is usually Christmas Eve... take a peak at these video's that both made me cry for different reasons...


Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas!

(Here are some of our favorite pics from our "family" session with Diane )
2 days until Christmas and yesterday I saw people wearing shorts, flipflops, and tshirts yesterday... Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say on this California Christmas Day

Did you know that I acutally MADE the chalkboard gift tags ? Yep. And they turned out wonderfully! I love getting things done off of pinterest. It makes me feel accomplished.

I also made enchiladas yesterday.We had some cute friends over for dinner and a movie. Husband was excited for the echiladas... I haven't had time to make them lately. After they left he said "they could have used some more sauce" thanks for being honest honey. I agree.

I also made these cookie that are nothing but deadly right out of the oven. They have no other name than"delicious". I was stuffed like a turkey. Let the holiday eating being!

I also realized that I am getting old. No longer can I stay up past 10 and stay sane (maybe thats because I get up at 4 most days...?) But spending time with the 2 Sarah's and their hubby's was worth it. I hope they think so too... even though Sarah and Zach ended up sitting on the floor because... well... long story short we couldn't get the movie to work on the down stairs TV and so we ended up watching it upstairs in the loft which has nothing but the TV and a phoof sack.

Husband has today off. Lucky duck. I am stuck going to work where I am scheduled until 7. I asked to have it off and I got a flat out No. I understand... but still. Let's hope it goes by quick! I have some serious baking to do!

Anyway my friends... I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas filled with joy and happiness! I can't wait to hear/read what you all did and the fun you had. I am so thankful for all of you... for putting up with my ramblings and for being so amazing and for always brining a smile to my face with your sweet comments!

Merry Christmas!

The Zufelt's
Devin, Whitney and Lucy

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

(boots: macy's. skirt: target. top and headband: j crew. lipstick: nars schiap)
-I think I said this on Tuesday... but Cheetah's MEOW... like a kitty cat... it freaked me out
-At the zoo when everyone (but us thankyouverymuch) was taking pictures of the polar bear pooping. I think they need to buy the book "everyone poops"
-The other day when I was so tired that I put the remote in the sink. I guess it needed to be washed?
-When this lady at work as me if picking up a waterbottle counted as a "heavy weight"... it threw me for a second... I told her I was pretty sure that counted as "light weight"
-Pulling too far forward in the parking space... looking at it... deciding you need to move forward... so you move forward... decide that wasn't enough still... move forward again...decide that wasn't enough... move forward again... And yes this happened to me on Tuesday.
-When people wear Ugly Christmas sweaters and they are unware of their ugliness...

-3 days until Christmas!!!
-Movie night tonight!
-We are having enchiladas for dinner
-Husband has tomorrow off of work!
-We are going out to eat tomorrow at our favorite Chinese restaurant
-I have worn boots almost every day this week
-Tomorrow is Friday!!!

Happy Thursday friends!

Guess what came in the mail yesterday!?

Yep thats right! I got my Swap package from ELISABETH!
Yesterday was just one of those days... everything was going just plain wrong
I was on the verge of tears most of the afternoon
And then... as soon as I drove up to my house... a package was waiting for me on my doorstep
I lept out of the car to make sure it was from who I thought it was from. It was.
Oh this sweet little package couldn't have come on a better day
I was in need of some Christmas spirit

As soon as I opened the package I got teary eyed. Everything was just so beautiful.

From Elisabeth's handmade card

To the cute tree ornament

The cozy and gorgeous scarf (that I put on right away!)

And the fabulous new Christmas book!

I was speechless at the generosity of Elisabeth in letting me into one of their new Christmas traditions and letting me be a part of it.

Thank you Elisabeth! You are amazing.