Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A VERY early Awkward and Awesome

Yes, I know its not Thursday yet... But... seeing as how Thursday will be Thanksgiving and tomorrow is pinterest day... I figured we could use a bit of awkwardness to get us through these last few days before Thanksgiving.
(Boots: Macys. Socks: Target. Skirt: Gap. Cardi and Headband: J. Crew. Belt: Express)

-This dude I saw driving who totally had a Captain Hook mustache. I know mustaches are all the rage... kind of... but I had to do a double take on this one.
-This little girl (I think) who came in to work who looked like Pete from Pete's Dragon... seriously it was scary how much they looked alike.
-This weird dude in my math class who keeps texting me (I gave it to him for a group thing we had to do... the group thing is over and he continues to text me) and his text yesterday said, "Help! I've fallen! And I can't reach my crack bong!" Ok... um... you have some serious issues... and stop staring at me in class... k... thanks
-When I had my NARS Schiap lipstick on and everyone kept saying, "Whoa... your lips are PINK!" I wanted to say "REALLY!? I had no idea!? Thanks for telling me"
-How my conversations lately have all turned in to "So.. have you read the Hunger games!? Who does Katniss end up with!?" And no one will tell me... but the second book is making me mad
-Lucy sometimes winks at me and I wink back at her. Its not like she means anything by it... or does she...?
-People of Walmart. You know what I'm talking about
-The other day when Devin and I couldn't decide if it was a man or women rockin' out in the car next to us... that will forever be awkward.

-Thanksgiving is 2 days away
-I only have today and tomorrow left at work
-Black Friday... t minus 3 days
-The Hunger Games... Why oh Why friends did you tell me to read it!? I'm hooked
-Having at heater at my desk at work. I almost sat on the floor and did my work last night I was so cold
-Hot chocolates... has anyone had a salted caramel one?
-The pie{s} I will be making tomorrow
-My mom's awesome rolls we will also be having
-Scarves, boots, jackets... I love fall

P.S. Friends there is still time to get involved in our Holiday Tradition Swap!!! Please if you would like to join us email me at thezufeltsblog@gmail.com I have 8 of us so far and I would love to have more of you join! The deadline is Monday the 28th. Happy Tuesday friends!


Rachel said...

Yeah, the second book make me mad and the first half or so of the third book frustrated me, but I was very happy in the end :)

Alyx said...

So... the weird guy - here's how you get him to stop texting you: Just text back with: I'm sorry, there was an error and your message could not be delivered at this time.
Maybe it will work? Worth a try, right? Because that's just not normal.

Miss Amy said...

My heater is happily blowing on me right now.... love it! Happy thanksgiving!

Shannon said...

My boyfriend refuses to turn the heat higher than 65. I have been living in my Ugg slippers and a bathrobe when I'm at home. And the second Hunger Games book made me mad too.

beauté du bonheur said...

I want those boots!!!!! I hope you have a good thanksgiving...and hot chocolate salted caramel is so good !

Bre said...

Good thing the awesome moments are awesome enough to out weigh the awkward thought I would tell creepy guy in class to get a life. I have in fact had a salted caramel hot cocoa. It's sooo yummy! You outfit is cute and the head band keeps it fresh.