Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Please watch first... I laughed so hard I cried

I must admit... Its too late for me to get the Uggcitrin vaccine- I know ...I'm doomed
Its too bad I didn't know about Uggcitrin prior to me going to IDAHO for college
Its like a frozen tundra there
When I was accepted there my mom said that it was only proper that I go to school with at least one pair

I always called Ugg boots UGGLY boots- because frankly... whats attractive about having a boot on your foot that makes your foot apear 10x wider?
And then... I got a pair... and wore them in the snow... and my toes were warm.
Maybe they weren't so bad afterall?... maybe
Granted... we don't have snow here by the ocean
So my Uggs have been retired to being the early-morning-dog-walking shoe
And now i am reverting back to my old UGGLY thinking ways

So I say... wear Uggs if you must- or get the vaccine if you are avoiding them like the pleg... but keep it classy
AND it is never ever acceptable to wear Uggs with SKIRTS...
Especially short skirts
Unless you are going to a tennis lesson and you have to walk up hill both ways in the snow
(must be time to walk lucy! ha!)


Michelle Starrs said...

HAH! hilarious! when i went to college my mom got me some Ugg boots too! I demanded the Uggliest Ugg boots that would be fitting of an old lady so I never ever would be mistaken for wearing them as a fashion statement. They are seriously awesome for the cold weather. Keep my feet happy here in Idaho! But they do hurt my pride :/

Daniela said...

eheh I wore my uggs for our first snow storm. Heck, why not...they're super comfortable and do keep your feet warm. (did u see the new items they have now? There are some very very stylish boots that look nothing like the original uggs)

Holly said...

Haha great post! It took me awhile to like UGGS too. Yours are so cute! As is your blog :)

-Holly @ Eight Six Eleven

Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...

So first of all that video is hilarious! I was dying here laughing. Living in Utah I've had to over come the ugg virus the hard way. I never had the chance to get uggcitrin, but I am happy to say I am ugg virus free today. haha Your uggs seriously aren't bad, the bad ones are those huge elephant looking ones. And some girls makes it even look worst wearing it with mini shorts, a huge hair poof, their makeup all done, and a juicy couture jacket. Seriously what the heck? That's plain gross.