Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Things I Steal From My Husband

(my "work appropriate" halloween outfit. Shoes: Kohls. Tights: Target. Skirt and Cardi: J Crew. Tshirt: Downeastbasics. Glasses: Nicole Miller. Tie: Made by me)

Dear Husband,
I have noticed lately.... that I borrow steal a lot of things from you. And by a lot I mean... most things...
 For example;
-Most recently...your tie from your Halloween costume. It was the perfect accessory... and I got lots of compliments... don't worry I remembered to tell everyone it was yours
-Your belts... you have the BEST belts and thankfully they fit me- AND it saves me from spending money on belts- so technically its being thrifty
-The covers... Yes I know I am a cover hog but you know how I like to sleep like a burrito
-Your super fantastic razor- sorry love, but no girl razor can get as close as that manly one you use...thanks for deciding lately that we can share
-Your drink and/or meal if it is better than mine. I think we have remedied this problem as of late by choosing two things we both wouldn't mind sharing.
-Your tshirts. They smell like you and they are oh so soft. I just can't help myself... I think my tshirt drawer is your ex-tshirt-drawer
-Your space. All around our home I cannot find a place where I haven't invaded... even in the garage- my pink weights give me away.
But my favorite thing I have ever stolen from you.... is your last name
So thanks Mr. Zufelt for letting me be a theif


Alyx said...

Awww, such a cute post! I love it!

I think we all steal things from our hubbies... isn't that what they're for?! I love it!

Stesha said...

hahaha!! I love this!!!

Classic & Bubbly


I love stealing things from my hubby! This is awesome! I love this! You are so funny! I LOVE your costume! You look great!

Miss Honey and Nutmeg said...

This is an adorable post!

Miss Amy said...

You're cute. Love the "love list". :) Your Halloween costumes were AMAZING too! No such thing as going overboard for it! :)

Diane's Photography said...

Whitney, you are the cutest!