Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sew and Tell

You guys... I DID IT!
Remember THIS and THIS ???
Well... its finished
Yep... me... I sewed this...
I stitched every stinkin' one of those little scrunches in the middle of all of those squares
and I sewed the bazillion squares to make rows
and then I sewed the rows together
and then I realized it wasn't big enough
So then I added more fabric to the outside because there was no way I was makin' more of those squares
and then... there is was... that beautiful anthropologie inspired quilt that I started {and dreamt about} months ago...
And it is done

And now I will never sew a quilt again {haha}
Now... on to my next project!- probably matching shams- please excuse the nonmatching ones


LindsayNicole said...

This... Is AWESOME!! Good job miss. It look fantastic!! Wow!

Mandy said...

WOW! It looks awesome! Nice work!

Ashley said...

It's amazing! you did such an awesome job!!! That must have taken a lot of patience but it looks like it was soo worth it!

Shannon said...

Holy cow. Best Pinterest ever! I have seen this tutorial like a bajillion times and always thought it wasn't possible. You go girly!

Mindee & Austin said...

Oh my goodness I am super impressed! I love this quilt, its soo pretty, great job!
Great color choice too : ) Greeen is always a good color!

Alyx said...

Holy crap. This is AMAZING.

Samantha said...

AWESOME!!!!! You should be so proud!!! What a great DIY!


Alison said...

Very impressed by your mad sewing skills. I can't even imagine doing something that complex and having it turn out so beautifully. Way to go!

Job and Rachael said...

Wow it looks GREAT! What a huge project! I have dreamed about this quilt too, but I don't know if I would have the patience and skill to pull it off so well. Kudos :)

Hanna said...

HOLY WOW!!!! This is gorgeous. I would die to have this on my bed. Thnk you for your sweet comment on my peppermint patties. I KNOW..... I always wish I could get together with all my blogger buddies in real life. We'd have such fun:)

xoxoxo Hanna

Elisabeth said...

you are so talented! that is so impressive! love it :)

Diane's Photography said...

Whitney, you quilt if so beautiful, you did a wonderful job on it! You'll forever be proud of it and you should!

Anonymous said...

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