Thursday, November 17, 2011

Join me

I have decided that it is happening! Our Holiday Tradition Swap... even if its just a few of us... I think it will be a blast!

What is the Holiday Traition Swap you ask? See this post HERE

But basically, I will pair you up with another blogger {if you want to participate} and you will send each other something that represents one of your favorite Holiday traditions with a little story/explaination.
So, if you want to participate please EMAIL me at
I want to have the pairs ready by Monday after Thanksgiving so please email me before then. I will notify you via email that Monday who your partner is and their email-that way you can communicate addresses and things like that. The packages will need to be sent out by December 10th and then we will all link up on December 20th to share each other's traditions. That gives you 2 weeks to get your stuff out.
 I know the Holiday's are BUSY- and I know this is adding "one more thing" to your plate... but just think of how fun it will be to receive something special from another blogger. I think sharing and giving is the best part of this whole season. So please join me in sharing your special memories with someone new. Who knows maybe you can help someone start a new tradition!?
P.S. I made a special button just for this :-)


Shawna Lauringson said...

Ohhh I'm in!!! What a great idea!

Kyrie said...

cute! i just emailed. super excited!!

Teaka said...

E-mailed you my info! Can't wait!

Eliza said...

This sounds fun! I'm a new follower, love your blog :) Thanks for stopping by my blog! xoxo, eliza