Monday, November 28, 2011

It's OK...

Monday you are now my arch nemesis. I dread you Monday's. And I try to avoid you like the plague. Alas... you come... despite my efforts to ignore you. So here is round 3 of my It's Ok's...

It's OK...
-To eat pie. It takes 3,500 calories to gain 1lbs of fat... I'm pretty sure that slice of pie isn't that high in calories
-To buy 3 pair of tights and 3 pairs of knee high socks to go with the new boots sittin' in my closet
-To want to re-read The Hunger Games even though I just finished reading the series
-To have your mom wrap all of your Christmas presents in Disney Princess wrapping paper
-To love your dog... and buy them presents
-To still be mezmorized by rainbows even though you have seen them a bazillion times
-To use make up words like "bazillions" and "ginormous"
-To have a big {real} Christmas tree... it only comes once a year
-To have pine needles on your floor the entire month of December
-To be indecisive about whether or not you want red or black Hunter Wellies
-To be a girl and to have muscles... even if that means searching high and low for boots to fit your calves and to stretch out the arms of your shirts so they fit over said muscles
-To like working out {most days} AND baking
(Shoes: Jessica Simpson. Dress. Shabby Apple. Belt: Expres)

Happy Monday my friends! May your days be filled with Christmas music... I know mine will be ;-)

P.S. For those of you doing the Holiday Tradition Swap I emailed out who you are paired up with!


Shannon said...

I love the "to be a girl and have muscles". So many people do not get this! Being strong is sexy, ladies.

Courtney B said...

Love your list... its definitely all ok :)
You look gorgeous by the way! Love that dress :)

Diane's Photography said...

You make Mondays seem all better :D I love your dress Whitney, adorable

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh yes three pairs of knee high socks and tights for boots, i totally bought three pairs of knee high socks last week for boots too!

Alyx said...

Love that dress, and love your list. I love working out, too, but since moving here have lost literally all motivation. You should totally come to Germany and be my workout buddy. lol

Krista Lynn said...

That dress is AMAZING!!

Elle said...

Love your blog and I am currently contemplating whether or not I should re-read the Hunger Games!

Anonymous said...

Cute post :)
I listened to Christmas music all day! And I only wish I had pie! Yumm!