Monday, November 21, 2011

It's OK...

(pants, shirt, cardi: j crew. shoes: rocketdog. glasses: nicole miller)

Happy Monday my friends! I hope you all had an amazing weekend- What did you do!? Thank goodness its only a 3 day work/school week.
Monday and I are not getting along. So- to help me make it through I did some more "it's ok's" because... well... they make me feel better 

It's OK...
-To get a "B" in a class. It still means you did well
-To read the entire 1st book of The Hunger Games in a day (you guys it has totally sucked me in!)
-To eat a red velvet cupcake that your husband made- it was worth it. Husband had one for breakfast this morning.
-To not get out of bed until 11am on the weekends
-That husband is better at ironing than me
-To have cellulite. Its natural and everyone has it- even skinny girls (so there)
-To wear legging as a substitute for pants (sometimes) especially when you are at home
-To see Breaking Dawn twice and make fun of it the second time around. It was definitely better at midnight
-To dump a bunch of stuff in the crock pot and call it dinner
-To have man calves. It just means I have muscles... right?
-To wear your hair up in a bun or in a side braid 3-4 times a week
-To be excited and sad to be moving all at the same time
-To be a girly girl and still want to climb mountains and get dirty... just as long as I can have a shower and an ice cream sundae afterwards. {That's all I told husband I wanted after our Half Dome trip "I want an ice cream sundae with hot fudge!"}

What's "OK" with you today?


Melu103 said...

it's ok that it's barely
monday and i want to be
thursday =) i want some turkey! YAY

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Miss Honey and Nutmeg said...

Ahh what is it with Monday this week? I am also not getting along with it, and on a two day work week? We should be bff! I totally agree with all your 'It's okays'. I have yet to see breaking dawn...I am ashamed to admit I didn't go this past weekend!

Elisabeth said...

hunger games are SO addicting! i made my self space it four for two deays when i got to the second one so i could ifnish it on the plane but the first and the third i definitley read in just a day... so good :)
i'm so excited for the movies ...good luck with the rest of your monday!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Today it's okay for me to wear the same shoes four days in a row. Leopard flats are cute! And I read all three Hunger Games in a week. It's totally okay to do that.

Alyx said...

Ha, love this. And I have to agree about the leggings thing - whenever I'm at home, leggings are totally my "pants" of choice.

Ashlee said...

I love your it's okay!! I do this about everyday I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one :]

Diane's Photography said...

You just always make my day Whitney~ I love your posts!
love you

ally (the ruffled lace) said...

i always wear leggings instead of pants! great read xxx

Meggan of Lila Grace said...

I totally agree - I am SO hooked on the Hunger Games. I just started reading it on Sunday and can not put it down! You have a really cute blog! xoxo