Monday, November 14, 2011

It's Ok..

{Dress: Shabby Apple. Shoes: Famous Footwear}

Some of my cute new followers do this fantastic thing on Thursdays and It.Is.Amazing. Since I do my awkward and awesome's on Thursday... I figured today would be a good day{especially since its a Monday and I'm stressssssssssssed} for me to do some "It's Ok"s.

It's Ok...
-To watch Christmas movies/listen to Christmas music in November. Keeping the Christmas spirit alive all year long is O.K. by me (this does not include leaving Christmas lights up all year long)
-To grab my bowl of cereal and jump back into bed and eat it just to say I had "breakfast in bed"
-To take a day off of work. I can't be super woman all the time
-To eat a brownie every now and then. I'm only human of course
-To want a pair of wellies in every color even if it isn't a realistic dream
-To still love watching Disney movies. Tangled is my new favorite
-To leave about 10 pairs of shoes in our shoe basket by the door because there isn't enough room for them in my closet
-To outfit repeat. Kate Middleton does it... so that means I can too

Whats ok with you today?


Alyx said...

I'm so in love with that dress! It's so cute! And... I've had Christmas music on all day.

Ashley Marie said...

that dress is awesome! also, love the Kate Middleton repeat excuse. I'm using that one!

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Ashley Marie
aka Chickadette

Miss Amy said...

I still haven't seen Tangled!

Lindsay R said...

LOVE the dress. and i'm okay with being lazy today. :)


Ashley said...

I love eating cereal in bed in the morning so I can be warm! The boy keeps our place sooo cold!

Thanks for stopping by earlier! Love your blog header...cute and original!

P! said...

Girl, that dress is AMAZING!! And I'm so with you on your 'it's okays' Haha- Christmas spirit can and should be a year-round thing... and people can leave their lights up al year, as long as they don't turn them on until it's Christmas season, for sure. And I totally agree it's okay to take a day off of work. Those days are the best. And, of course, Disney love is a forever love. I adore this post! <3

Michelle Starrs said...

I call myself a "Disney-Dork"! I think I'll start a club someday!
We are currently watching Tangled every day around here. Ray loves it and I don't mind!