Friday, November 11, 2011

I wish Fancy Nancy was my name

If my name was Fany Nancy I would wear pretty dresses, high heels, and curl my hair
(and then come home and put on my comfy sweats)
I frequent the Shabby Apple website way more than I should...
But I just can't help but to drool over these beauties...

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{shabby apple L.A. dress}

I am dying over the fantastic berry color of this dress. Corporate Christmas party? I am thinking YES!
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{shabby apple tinsel town skirt}

And that skirt? It really wants to be a part of my wardrobe (trust me). Its ballerina/Grace Kelly/I'm-all-dressed-up-with-no-where-to-go-esque. Definitely part of my Fancy Nacyness.
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{shabby apple going steady dress}
 Husband likes the white/blue combo of this dress better but I am diggin' the gray. To me its totally 1950s "I'm going to wear my pearls and cook a potroast and still look hot when you get home" type of a dress
You know what goes well with fantastic dresses?
Eyeliner... ha! (do you like my tie-in)
So per Miss Amy's request here are my eyeliner picks...

Pencil eyeliner
-Urban decay 24/7
I really like this liner because its true to its name... it stays on 24/7! And its highly pigmented so the color is nice

I also use M.A.C. pencils- they are a bit softer and don't glide on as well as the urban decay ones

but they are still fantastic. I really like the softer line they give.

Liquid{ish} liner
Smashbox liqid liner
I love love love love the felt tip on this! It makes it so much easier to use.

I also use the bareminerals wet/dry eyeliner

I only use it wet because its soooo messy dry!
But it looks really pretty applied wet with a brush

 What would you wear if your name was Fancy Nancy?


Alyx said...

That polka dot dress is totally one of my absolute favorite dresses from Shabby Apple. Love it.

AJD ∞ said...

Oh. I TOTALLY agree. Fancy Nancy would be a great name/attitude. If I could dress in a fancy manner every day and get away with the excuse that it's "just because" I totally would.

Enjoy your day with your man!

Elisabeth said...

love this post - almost as much as i love shabby apple dresses...they're great aren't they? i splurged on one for engagements and its one of my favorites.

also - love the make up picks..i swear by anything bare minerals...they're fantastic :)


P! said...

Oooo- all amazing finds!! I am WILD over that tinsel town dress! Now I want to go shopping!! Have a wonderful weekend, lady. :)

Sarah Lynne said...

That polka dot dress is AMAZINGLY AWESOME. I am in love with it!

Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...

Oh please don't get me started on Shabby Apple. I love them! Every dress is so perfect! That polka dot one is to die for.

Purposely at Home said...

Love it. Love all three of the dresses but I think the white pouffy one is my favorite. :)

Purposely at Home said...

Love it. Love all three of the dresses but I think the white pouffy one is my favorite. :)