Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Holiday Tradition Swap

 I am so excited about this idea I can hardly stand to wait.
Of course... I need to run it past all of you first... just to see who is interested...
This idea stemmed from the fantastic Gentri Lee and her "Package Pals Party"
I love this idea so much... Not only because getting packages in the mail is pretty much one of the best things ever... it also gives us a chance to give and connect with one another...

So instead of completely stealing Gentri's brilliant idea... I am tweakin' it a bit

So... here is my idea {after all my rambling}
(Christmas 2 years ago)
Tevye in "Fiddler on the Roof" said, "You may ask, How did this tradition get started? Well, I'll tell you... I don't know"
 Ha! Everyone has traditions... And I LOVE THEM. Especially around the Holiday's

Some of our Christmas traditions include...
#1. Pajamas
(the following pictures are from our very first Christmas)
On Christmas Eve we ALWAYS get new PJ's. Every single year. I remember getting footy PJ's when I was little... because you HAD to wake up in the morning in new jammies. We always open them on Christmas Eve, put them on, and go look at Christmas lights.

#2. Gingerbread houses
Every year we do one of these and we get so frustrated that we always say we will never do it again... but we do... because secretly we love it... and its tradition

#3. We bake!
(remember when I told you all that we are terrible at baking sugar cookies... yeah I wasn't kidding!) We bake... and bake... and bake... better stuff than this of course... but still... I love it!

So... here is the official plan. Whoever wants to participate will be paired up with another fellow blogger. That pair will send something that is part of their holiday traditions (along with a fun Holiday story/memory) to each other (hence the swap)! We will set a date for everyone to have their packages sent by and then when you get yours you will document it, blog about it (on a certain date), and then link up back here so we can all see your fabulous traditions! For example... if I was paired up with someone I might send them a pair of PJ's or a gingerbread house kit...

So before I get too far into this I just wondered who would really be interested in doing it before I go put all the work into it... Any takers?


Rachel said...

I'm game! I already have ideas flowing through my head!

Kirsi said...

I'm in!

Teaka said...

Oh my goodness I'm so excited about this idea!! I do hope you do it as I'd love to be involved! So fun!

Hanna said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment on my pin wheel cookie! Your blog is adorable and so are you and your hubby!!! I'm a new follower:)

xoxox Hanna

eneuschafer said...

I'm in!! :)

Diane's Photography said...

This sunds like fun!!! I love christmas excitment :D

CC said...

The gingerbread house is soooo cute :)