Tuesday, November 8, 2011


(shoes: toms. pants: express. button down: american eagle. sweater: gap)

Oh what a sweet word that is... balance
I think its something we all struggle with {at least I hope it's not just me}
All too often we use the term "juggling"
I know that is the word I have been using lately...
juggling has been haunting my life lately
Literally haunting...
Sometimes I feel discouraged- like I really can't do it all
Between work, school, church, maintaining a home and taking care of my husband- it has just been overwhelming at times

And then there are those terrible thoughts I let take over my mind
What if all of my hard work is for nothing?
What if I don't get into PA or PT school?
What if all this time an money we are spending beyond my bachelor's degree isn't worth it?
What if I fail?
What if... What if... What if...
All I can do now is try, work hard, and leave it in God's hands...
and try to find that sweet delicacy that is...

(I guess you can't see that well but I had a sweet french braid this day)


Ivana said...

Love this look, it´s so cozy and chic!
I´m happy that I´ve discovered your blog and I´m definitely following you now!

Happy Tuesday!

xx Ivana
Style in the City

brooke field said...

I was reading your blog header -- my husband loves planes too :) Love your outfit!

lowercase letters said...

love the toms! i have a black sparkley pair and just recently a buddy sent me the chocolate ones for a late bday gift! {i know, she's so super sweet, right! ;)} what color are these??
very adorable outfit and girl wearing the outfit too!:)