Thursday, November 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

(Shoes: Jessica Simpson. Jacket: Gift from Tonya Joy . Skirt: Gap. Top: J Crew. Lipsick: M.A.C. Red)

-That I'm pretty sure the only things my Sunday School kids learned this past week is that women are like elephants {because we remember everything} and they modified it to "beautiful elephants"... I'm sure their parents are thrilled
-Sock with sandals... WHY do people still do this? I don't get it
-That I cry every time I see anything that has to do with military home comings- I'm a big fat baby
-Oh geeze, I went to lunch with my friend Sarah the other day and... I totally forgot my wallet. Not only did I do that, I left her at the restaurant while I drove home to get it. Wallet-1 Whitney-0
-Forgetting that I had red lipstick on and snuggling up to my dog when I got home- only to look at her about a half hour later and exclaim "what in the world did you get in to!?" yep, it was my lipstick...her fur is still a little pink
-The burger king cup I saw the other day that said "The best way to wash down a burger is with another burger!" really people!? really!?
-This OOOOLLLLLLDDDD lady at work who told us her favorite store was Forever21. I swear this lady was in her 80s. She looked like a skittle. More power to ya sista.
-Yelling "stay" at non-living object that keep falling over. I am pretty sure I do this at least 5 times a day.
-Spitting... its just gross! Why thank you for leaving your mucus there for everyone to enjoy...

-Speaking of those cute teenagers we teach, I took them the brownie/oreo/cookie things for a treat and one of them asked what was in the middle and Savannah promptly said, "I know what's in the middle! Magic!"
-This cute little German patient at work said, "I see you are wearing heels, you don't see that too often these days. You wear them well."
-Going to see Breaking Dawn tonight with Sarah! Ok... yes I do like to make fun of it... but I still do get sucked it.
-How sweet my husband is. The man is amazing. He drew me a bubble bath the other night after a very long day. I love him.
-1 week until Thanksgiving!
-T-minus 8 days until Black Friday shopping... Just sayin'
-AND Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

P.S. What are your thoughts on the Hunger Games? Worth reading?
P.P.S. Have you heard of your Holiday Tradition Swap!? Interested? See post below...Let me know!


Cassie said...

As usual, love your Thursday posts! :) And yes, go read the Hunger games, NOW. SUPER good series!!!!

Rachel said...

The Hunger Games is an awesome trilogy. Yes, go read them, you'll love them!


I love all your outfits! Super cute! I just checked out two of the Hunger Games books and will be reading them next week. So I will definitely let you know! :) But from what I heard, they are a must read. :)

Mandy said...

You blog is adorable! Thanks for the comment. I'm not your newest follower!!

Redheaded Daybook said...

I love the awkward & awesome posts!!!
And you are just too cute <3

I'm going to follow you :) Please follow me too :)

PS. Your style = love!

The red peacoat/jacket is my fav.

a girl with a smile said...

gorgeous as always!

cmisch said...

1. Hunger games = life-changing
2. I am new to your blog- I like it!

beauté du bonheur said...

hahahahah she looked like a skittle!! omg I see so many women like this and it's the perfect way to describe them! But I haven't seen any at Forever 21...yet.

Michelle Starrs said...

Hunger games=
I expected a twilight sort of pithy mush
And was so so so soooo surprised with how amazing they are. Read!

Shannon @ Bungalow960 said...

Hunger Games is amaaaaazing. The comment about the Burger King cup made me gag a little. That is the grossest advertisement I have ever heard of!

Miss Amy said...

AGREED on the military homecomings!!! I cry too :)