Thursday, November 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

{shoes: nordstrom. pants: express. shirt and cardi: j crew. glasses: nicole miller}

-I am pretty sure I caught a cop picking his nose in his car on Tuesday...
-Jeff Foxworthy's "Redneck fashion tips"... they are awkward... because they are true
-When Walmart used to sell spinner wheels (and my mom wanted them)
-Using 50+ cotton balls to get glitter off of your nails- I think its almost off!
-American Idol auditions... the bad ones...
-That when I wear these pants I get a "crunch"... you know what I'm talking about right?... I can't help that the pants are a little big. At least its not a giant crunch.
-How horrible my outfit pictures are today... Sorry friends... my dad took them in his office in about 2.5 seconds on my break at work... blame it on me not wanting to go outside... there are creepers out there
-Devin and I cannot for the life of us bake sugar cookies. We try- really we do... but we just can't master is... its so embarrassing when you have to give the cookies to your mom just so someone can say "good job"... yes I will show you our failed attempts...later
-This guy who always winks at me at work. Why do you aways wink? I never wink back. I usually flaunt my left hand in front of him... but he really didn't get it until he asked what I was doing for the weekend and I said spending time with my husband... he no longer winks.

-Even though it will take me 50+ cotton balls to take off.. my new Sephora red sparkle nail polish
-Going to L.A. with the hubs this weekend
-T-minus 2 weeks until Thanksgiving... just wanted to remind you
-How chilly its been... I have worn a jacket everyday
-That my husband is HOME with ME and not deployed... I'm thankful for that everyday
-Oh and I had my first peppermint hotchocolate!
-AND Tomorrow is Friday!!!


eneuschafer said...

I think you need to dedicate an entire post the the crunch analogy :). Pictures included too :)

Holly said...

Cute outfit! And I can totally relate to the "crunch" haha. Too funny! Happy Thursday :)

Lauren Chase said...

I love your lipstick in these photos!!!

Danielle Abeyta said...

I had a recent nose picking sighting! I was in the writing lab at Hancock doing some business homework and this girl full on picks her nose multiple times! And then the worst part happened, she ATE it!

Young and Fabulous said...

ok so im so glad you came across my blog so i could find yours!!!

first that outfit is absolutely AMAZING. I wish I could get away with red pants but sadly i wouldnt look nearly as hot as YOU! i know what you mean by the crunch

ewww to the WINKER! you should make THE FACE at this hahah:

i wanan goto LA so bad! and im so happy your hubs is home with you

cannot wait to read more girly!


LindsayNicole said...

LOVE your pictures! The awkarwd comments literally made me laugh out loud!! Happy Thursday!

Elisabeth said...

1. i love your header - you're gorgeous!
2. i'm coveting your red pants at the moment.
3. thanks for your comment on my blog
4. i'm definitely your next follower


Ashley said...

This outfit is adorable! Although I don't think I could pull off red skinnies, they look so cute on you!

Ashley Marie said...

I've always wondered if I would actually WANT a pair of colored pants, the answer after seeing this blog is "YES. YES I DO." Thanks for the inspiration! You pull them off beautifully!

Ashley Marie said...

AND I'm following you now... interesting in swapping buttons by chance?

Meg {henninglove} said...

haha cop picking his nose, oops! definitely akward don't bad you couldn't give him a ticket for doing. and yes tomorrow is friday yippee!!

♥B said...

I like how you paired the neutral top with the red pants! Very cute outfit/blog :)

With Love From Michigan

Cassie said...

PS I LOVE your cardigan, so so so cute!

love letters to e and g said...

new follower and thanks for the sweet get well on my blog!!!...I lived in cali for 15 years...I had a house in chino hills for 7 years..lived in the San berdino/orange county zone

the lovebirds said...

so happy to have found your blog. I love your red pants! I've been craving colored denim lately. xoxo

AaReAn said...

I love red pants...I just bought them like two weeks ago and have worn them four times. is that weird?! haha
(come check out my HOBO wallet giveaway!!! sexy red too!)