Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Words with friends

This is my friend Shawna. Other than Devin and Lucy- I think I reference her most (ok ok and maybe my mom). Shawna and I have been friends since High School when we used to call each other "Whitney 'Frickin' Wilson" and "Shawna 'Frickin' Stackhouse"- luckily we are married and dropped our middle names of "frickin".
It was with Shawna that I ran track and decorated tshirts for school events (and many other random HS memories). I even remember the day (out junior year) she told me she had a crush on her now HUSBAND!
 We also decided to take a kickboxing class together our first semester at J.C. because we were determined not to gain the freshman 15... but we dropped that lame-o class. I remember one day we were getting ready and Shawna said "Its your birthday- we should NOT being going to this stupid class. Lets go get something to eat!" And we did.
Que this text I got from Shawna today. "I'm at the gym watching food network (bad idea) but I digress. Paula Deen is making a Halloween inspired dinner its pretty awesome... Paula just dressed up as one of those inflatable things but a ballerina and she's all huge and eating cupcakes it was so funny."
I love this because it is probably what I would have been doing at the gym AND what I would have texted her about... and I know this because we have done it before
That is one of the reasons I love her
Shawna and I are so alike sometimes its ridiculous
And I am so lucky to have her as a friend
And I am lucky that she was willing to take pictures of my outfit ha!
Boots: Macys. Socks and tights: Target. Dress: J Crew. Jacket: Delias. Bag: Coach.


Diane's Photography said...

I still have my best friend Jan, we've been friends sense we were 16 and it's great! AND your outfit looks adorable!
love ya

Alyx said...

I absolutely adore that dress! Actually... just the whole outfit in general, it's really cute!

Thanks for stopping by and your lovely comment! :)