Monday, October 10, 2011

Whatcha' got cookin'

Lets talk about the WONDERS of PINTERST....
(I am sooo trading in my dry erase menu planner for this little baby asap)

Oh how I LOVE me some PINTERST. Who's with me?
(if only I were an expert weaver...)
I waste  spend so much time on PINTERST getting ideas...
(chevron diy skirt...)
I think I love it so much because I constantly want to CREATE something... whether its a new dish, a new sewing project, or simply rearranging my closet... pinterest has the answer...
(if you haven't made these do it NOW. The pinterest recipe says to make your own cookie dough but I am lazy... just buy cookie dough, oreos, and brownie mix. Layer. Bake at 350 for 30 min.= heaven)

yes I steal borrow some ideas from other people but thats O.K. I'm sure I have original ideas sometimes.
(pillow ideas... I am loving the BOW ones!)
I also think that as women we SEE beauty... and if we can't find beauty we MAKE beauty.
Pinned Image
I think thats why we l.o.v.e. clothing so much... FYI men its just in our nature... the unspoken rule is that the girl with the most shoes WINS.

(P.S. this is what I wore to church yesterday)
(Shoes: Enzo Angiolini, Skirt, Shirt, Cardi: J Crew)

So thanks pinterest for A. making me want to spend time looking at pretty things instead of doing my homework... you are a procrastinators dream-come-true B. helping me see that I can actually make/sew/bake things and its not that scary.


Noelle Seybert said...

Pinterest while on a business trip and haven't had time to actually try and make anything, but I want to! I'm more excited to cook everything, but the crafts don't look that hard. Hopefully I'm right on that on, ha!

Thanks for sharing your pinterest obsession :)

Simi said...

I love that chevron skirt :) and Pinterest, of course. I think I have like 1200+ pins on there--crazy, I know.
thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

Robin said...

Pinterest is so addictive! I just mentioned it on my blog.
It gets me in the crafy/baking/fashion mode. I suppose it can be a bit dangerous!
Loving your blog!

Visit mine at:


Miss Amy said...

oh my shoe closet!!! Beautiful photos! :)

Lindsay R said...

cute outfit! and pinterest is so time consuming. only because i let it be.

that closet it amazing!! and i want to make that rug!