Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Welcome to the family

(a plasma car is on my our santa list)

Husband and I have been married for {almost} 3 years
and the other day it hit me... He is one of us....
Us meaning my {side} family
Of course I knew that when we got married we would be joining our families
and creating one of our own
But I don't think I was prepared for this statement...
(our 1st halloween together in last minute walmart costumes)

Husband: "Doodle, your tootie footies are all scattywhompus. Are you ready to go Tweedle?"
(halloween year 2)

You see... my family and I speak funny (we aren't the only one's right?)
So let me translate
Doodle: A loving term we use for people. Can be used as doodle or doodle bug
Tootie Footies: These can be socks or more commonly slippers
Scattywhompus: AKA wonkey, messed up, weird looking
Tweedle: Also known as Tweedle buggin' or having a Tweedle bug party or a Tweedle Bug Town Fair. This is usually a pajama party where you watch a movie and eat fun stuff. It can be anything fun though (like shopping ha!).
(our costumes last year!)

The best part was, was that husband said this sentence as if it was the most normal thing ever. And it made me smile. He really is one of "us". Welcome {again} to my crazy {speaking} family doodle bug ;-)

P.S. We are taking suggestions on Halloween costumes this year... we still can't decide! 

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Ramsey said...

This is completely the cutest! And I had to stop by and tell you how much I enjoyed your comment on the last post! For halloween this year, I'm going as a harlequin (like a new orleansish clown). I think it would be cool just to have dust wear an all black suit with a mardi gras mask. Our second choice was popeye and olive oil...so cute and really easy!