Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trying to be super woman

 My days currently:
-4am wake  up and workout
-6am shower and get ready for the day
-8-11am class
-11:05-12:30 math lab
-1-7pm work
-8-10pm make/eat dinner/try to study/try to relax and get ready to do the whole thing over again

I'm exhausted. I have 2 homework assignments, 2 tests, and a research paper due um... tomorrow- and today I started wondering "how did I get here?" 4am-10pm days? Sheesh am I functioning? Apparently because I still manage to "put my face on" in the mornings.... and frankly if I didn't I would look like death... here look I will show you... (don't say I didn't warn you...)
(in my defense I was sick this day)

Yep... see death is written all over my face (yikes I can't believe I am posting this on the Internet but its for a good cause right?)... but I have mastered a 15-minute-get-out-the-door-look
(ah thats a bit better)

Products I use:
-Prime time by bare minerals
-Studio sculpt concealer by MAC (to hide those sleep deprived under eye circles as best I can)
-Bare minerals foundation and mineral veil
-MAC painterly eye shadow primer
-MAC teddy eye pencil
-Bare minerals big tease mascara
-Shroom eye shadow by MAC (and maybe some tempting if I am feeling adventurous)
-Sex appeal blush by NARS
(ok whit you can go out in public now)

-And a hair tie/bobby pins/headband for a quick hairdo and perhaps some hairspray

Quick. Simple. Do-able. My go to these crazy days.

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Michelle Starrs said...

Oh i love Bare minerals :) My MIL introduced me and helped me buy it my first try! yay for make-up and hair spray!!