Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Reason #713 why I chose this one...

The man has style. Mixing different hues of brown? Genius in my opinion (and Stacy and Clinton approved). Husband totally smoked me in the outfit department this past weekend.
(Shoes: Ferragamo (I about died when he got them). Pants: Gap. Shirt and Tie: Dillards. Jacket:7 for all mankind)
He also had me change my outfit because it just wasn't workin' for him (thanks for that love I wasn't too thrilled with it either).
He is the type of man who says "You need a little more blush on that cheek"
And things like, "You need gray or black hunter wellies because they are neutral and go with more"

Now don't get me wrong- its football season- so he said these things while updating his fantasy football team.
So thanks honey for dressin' like a rockstar and helping me look good too... while still maintaining your manhood- I love that about you (among many other things)

but... I still want RED wellies ;-)


Job and Rachael said...

Looking good! :) I love this post. I feel exactly the same way about my man :) So nice that they can tap into good style while still being manly ;)

Ramsey said...

You guys are so cute! Really, I just love reading your blog! And I am spending faaaarrr too much time here as opposed to doing something cooking a gormet, delicious dinner for my lovie...right.

Fash Boulevard said...

obsessed with your skirt. so happy I came across your blog. totally following. I'd love if you'd check out my style and fashion blog and see if you'd like to follow. I'd love to hear what you think of my JewelMint photo shoot. thanks love. xo
Adventures of a southern girl turned LA stylist.

Candace Stevenson said...

okay so I LOVE your polkadot skirt. Like a lot! And that brown jacket does look nice! I like it :) haha ohhhh men and their fantasy football

Lovely Little Rants

Diane's Photography said...

You both are hot hot hot!!! love the the outfits and you both :D