Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rainy day schedule

My friend Erica reminded me of the glorious "raining day schedule" thing today. Remember... when you were in elementary school and you couldn't go outside to play... so you stayed inside Sigh, I wish that was me today...
(my giant hot chocolate cup c/o red hot pottery and my paintin' skills)

I trudged the 10+ minutes to class in the wet wet wetness and was s.o.a.k.e.d. to the bone
only to have to stay and do athletic taping on FEET {which you know is my fav... not} today in my sports science class
As you can imagine I was down right freezing my little big bootay off

So I came home and put these little babies on....
(if you read my post yesterday... these are tootie footies)

Yeah they are pretty amazing and I wish I could stay in them all day...
Because all I want to do today is
#1. Read a book (that isn't required for school)
#2. Take a snooze
#3. Bake- preferably something pumpkin
#4. Snuggle with my loves
#5. Watch a chick flick- perhaps "you've got mail" or "sleepless in seattle"
#6. Have soup and grilled cheese for dinner
#7. Have a hot chocolate
(c/o christms gift from hubby- from abercrombie)

Alas, I've got to dash off to work in about 30 mintues
Sorry rainy day schedule... you will just have to wait until Saturday


Lindsay R said...

i used to love inside rainy days. it was exciting to have a little switch up to the normal routine in elementary school.

:) enjoying the rainy day here.


Miss Amy said...

Love the boots! :) They look so warm!