Friday, October 7, 2011

Go. Fight. Cure.

October is one of my favorite months out of the entire year! (Along with November, December, and February... and May... and... and...)

But I don't just love October because its FALL (hallelujah)
I love it because its "PINKTOBER"
Come october- pink shows up everywhere. NFL, grocery stores, commercials... you name it... pink is there. October is breast cancer awareness month. I am sure all of us have some connection to a person who had/has cancer. It is so important that we support causes like this because everyone is or will be affected. Oh and FYI men can get breast cancer too...

So I was so excited when my boss handed me to wear this shirt....

Every Friday in October we (at work) are wearing PINK in honor of PINKTOBER. So it is my challenge to YOU to wear PINK (even if you hate it guys... its for a good cause) every Friday in PINKTOBER or BUY something with the breast cancer ribbon on it (m&ms!). Because the closer they come to CURING breast cancer the closer they come to CURING ALL cancer.

Find out more about PINKTOBER HERE 

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xoxo, dania said...

breast cancer month means so much to me! my moms best friend is a recent survivor! i was thinking about going and buying the breast cancer kitchen aid :)