Thursday, October 13, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

-That its October... and the forcast says its going to be 97 degrees here in Cali...
-This week when husband asked "What time does Joann's close!?" I told him that was like me asking "How late does Home Depot stay open"...
-The guy that comes into work and moves our stuffed sock monkey (his name is Dean, he is kind of like our mascot) to my desk... so Dean (the sock monkey) stares at me... it kinda freaks me out
-This chunky kid who keeps coming into work and asking me if I want to buy a candy bar to help kids stay out of trouble and I tell him "I'm sorry I don't have any cash" and he looks happy- I think he wants those candy bars to himself...
-Doing my hair the same almost everyday... I swear I have more imagination...just not enough time
-Also, not doing my "legit" grocery shopping in... 2 months... oops. The freezer has been my new BFF
-The 1997 airplane archade computer game that Devin bought at the thrift store for $3 this week... he was so excited to show it to me... I asked if it was from the 80s. I used to spend so many quarters on this game! Love- you're showing your age ;-)
-That time my mom took me to go see the Vienna Boys Choir- I was 9 and I loved it.
She bought me the CD. I was upset they wouldn't let girls into the "boys" choir... because those boys were c.u.t.e. (to my 9 year old self)
(this is the exact CD cover picture)

-Husband said we could go get pumpkins this weekend
-How excied husband is about Halloween and his costume- I love that about him
-P.S. 18 days until Halloween
-School is 1/2 way done!
-Our Halloween costumes... just sayin'
-My husband... he has been sooo helpful and supportive this whole week
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY wooohooo!
-The 5 minute no heat hair style thingy I am doing to my hair as we speak... we'll see if it works...
-And because I love you guys... a little hint as to our halloween theme....

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Miss Amy said...

hahah! The "little" boy with the candybars! Hilarious. I think it's so cute when guys get excited about Halloween costumes too!