Thursday, October 6, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

Shoes: TOMS. Pants: JCP. Button down: Express. Sweater: Old Navy. Glasses: Nicole Miller
-When this lady come in to work yesterday and asked if I had her husband on "hold" and I told her that I had no one on hold because the phone lines were clear... apparently she meant that we were "holding the chart" oops.
-Devin and I were watchin TV the other day and there was this girl on who was wearing an outfit that was so wearing her (you know what I mean right?) and Dev said "She looks all scattywhompus! She looks like they pulled her from somewhere" and my response was "the street"
-The fact that I changed from my work clothes INTO my PJ's to go to Walmart- hey you gotta fit in right?
-When my mom and I were shopping and we were going into the fitting room and my mom said "we're together" and proceded to touch my arm which made me yell at the sales associate "Not like that! She's my MOM!"
-Feelng sicky this whole week and not wearing anything picture worthy. Maybe today I will try today...maybe not... its a mystery

-Since I haven't worn any of my new stuff (yet) I have cute things to wear next week
-I get to wear PINK to work tomorrow
-We've had rain! There is just something so cozy about that
-I will also be making pumpkin pancakes in the (very) near future
-When I walked into work today my co-worker said "Happy St. Patricks day!" haha
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY
-Which means 2 whole days with my love!!!

Happy Thursday!

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Diane's Photography said...

Whitney you are so clever.