Wednesday, October 26, 2011

10 random things about me

#1. I can't eat anything warmed up. In fact I don't like left overs at all. I think food taste differently when it is re-heated. I rarely use my microwave unless I am melting something.
#2. I eat the crunchy parts off of popcorn FIRST and then the soft parts... my favorites are the ones that look like an octopus-you know the ones that have the soft part on top and the crunchies on the bottom... Its another weird family thing
#3. All of my shoes don't fit into the shoe cubbies my husband built for me- in fact, when we were dating I told him that I didn't think we could ever share a closet. He just recently "moved in" to our walk-in closet (fear not we are still using the 3 other closets we have in our home).
#4. I used to be in band. I played the flute. This boy in one of my classes made an American Pie (movie) reference and that was all over for me.

#5. I actually enjoy math and science - I know I know I'm crazy right? My MATH teacher even called me a nerd the other day. I suppose that makes it official.
#6. My not-so-uncommon hidden talents are; opening a starburst in my mouth, tying a cherry stem into a knot in my mouth, touches my nose with my tongue and... yeah that's about it
#7. I HAVE to have a fan going when I sleep, and also I glass of water, and I watch jeopardy... and sometimes wheel of fortune... I have this feeling my 80 year old tendencies are a little premature.
#8. I went to middle school with Zac Efron (some of you may already know this) but what you probably DON'T know is that we were in this lame play together called "The Nifty 50s" and he was my love interest. And one time when I asked him if he had ever kissed a girl he said, "No, I have my whole life to do that" it was pretty profound (haha)
#9. I know Disneyland like the back of my hand. I don't think I have ever used a map there. So if anyone wants to go... let me know. My life ambition after all is to be a professional waiter-in-line-at-Disney.
#10. I crochet... see I told you I am fast approaching 80 years old.
(Shoes: Macy's. Pants: Express. Top: Old Navy. Head Band: J Crew)

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Alyx said...

1. Your outfit is absolutely adorable.
2. Knowing Disneyland that well is a talent. Seriously. Been there once, and if not for the hubs, I would have died there trying to get out (not that I'd ever want to leave - it's the happiest place on earth, after all).
3. Zac Efron?! Seriously. One word - jealous.

Miss Amy said...

Haha - I will look at the crunchy pieces of popcorn differently from now on!!! ;) Octopus!!

P! said...

"I have this feeling my 80 year old tendencies are a little premature" HAHAHA! I laughed a lot at that lol! No big deal- I actually think the old people have got it right. Also, the fact that you did a play with Zac Efron basically makes you a celebrity in my mind- that is just TOO crazy!!!!! :D

Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...

These are always so fun to read. I always have a fan going also, I just barely stopped using mine because it is now FREEEZINNGG around here.

Sarah Lynne said...

so first of all.. I have never met someone (other than me) who hates things reheated. I can't stand it because I also think it tastes different and disgusting. I don't like leftovers. also, I'm really jealous you know Disneyland so well. I WISH I did.

mary said...

HOW CUTE are YOU?! Loves! Wait, I thought I was dying over #1, and then I was fully dying over numbers 7-10! Super duper cuteness. Off to check out more about ya! xox!

Diane's Photography said...

I am cracking up Whitney, no wonder we get along, the 80 year old tendancys create a bond for us haaha! love ya

I'm Molly. said...

The crunchy octopus popcorn is the absolute BEST. especially when it's kettle corn.