Friday, September 16, 2011

Things I Won't Be Able To Do....

Once husband gets home on Saturday....
(my overflowing laundry basket...)

#1. Survive soley on oatmeal, apples and peanut butter
#2. Leave the laundry to pile up because I have enough clothing to probably keep me going for a good 3 months (if not more)
#3. Also leave the dishes in the dishwasher... because I haven't used too many
#4. Leave my sewing space in the house. I am pretty sure that sucker will be moved into outer darkness (aka the garage)
#5. Take up the entire middle of the bed when I sleep
#6. Use his pillow
#7. Let my leg hairs grow because no one will see them
#8. Share my food with Lucy (sshhhh I'm not supposed to be doing that)
#9. Use his razor when I do decide to shave me legs... believe me he notices
#10. Sleep with the pepper spray on the bedside table incase there are intruders (because he will think that is just silly)

Dear Husband,
You have been gone way too long. Me and Lucy can't wait to see you and I can't wait to give up (most) of the things on my above list!

As a side note friends... remember yesterday when one of my "awesome's" was hanging out with MEG at the beach and eating ice cream? Well go HERE and HERE to see more of what we were up to... P.S. Meg is amazing no?


Diane's Photography said...

Love your list Whitney haahaa...and the photos are them!!!
p.s. you're the coveted model for photos (just thought you should know :D)

lori said...

that list is too funny! my hubby is gone and im actually feeling very productive, its kind of odd... but maybe because my laundry basket(s) were already overflowing and the dishes were piled up all weeek! i hadnt thought about the pepper spray by the bed- thats a great idea... im going to get mine out of the car now. :)