Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Painted Nail

Has anyone watched that show? I mostely see it on the TV guide channel (yes I watch the TV guide channel... they show re-runs of the Hills when Heidi looked more normal). Well I was watching it yesterday and and it got me thinking about my nail polish collection... which is kind of out of control....

I blame it on People Style Watch... and maybe on Pinterest.
"Do you even USE all of those?" Husband said
"Erm... I have at some point" I said

And then I eliminated the ones I wasn't in love with anymore

(the survivors)

But it still didn't make it that much better
But don't you agree that sometimes a fresh coat of paint on your phalanges is just what you need as a little pick me up? I think so my friends. I think so. (obviously)
(the newest members- gray, green, turq., brown... love)


Diane's Photography said...

Whitney you are hillarious...polish makes a girl feel pretty

Grace said...

there's a show about nail polish?? wow. :)
I like nail polish, too. I wish I bought more of it...