Monday, September 12, 2011

M-I-C.... K-E-Y...

OH Mickey Mouse... how I love you...

Hello little corner of the internet that I have been neglecting for a few days! (sorry) I was too busy having fun at Disneyland. Luckily my mother and I share a LOVE of all things Disney (but no we are not the weirdies who have Disney jean jackets mmmmkkkkk) and she took me this weekend to the Happiest Place on Earth because... well.... in case you haven't noticed I have been feeling pretty down-in-the-dumps with the hubs being gone and all...
(Mom and me with Aladdin! We saw the show too...)

(from the Monster's inc. ride... sugar, salt, & fat... oh too true)

Things I re-learned on this Disney trip:
-America needs to go on a diet ...and people are slowly losing the ability to "walk" apparently.
-Seeing Mickey Mouse is still as exciting for me now as it was when I was 5
-People who have smelly feet should really NOT wear sandals... or just wear deodorant on their feet
-My dream job is to be a professional "waiter in line" at Disneyland. (and an employee there gave me a great recomendation and a website where I can apply to be a cast member)
-Wearing Disney stuff outside of Disneyland is not cool unless you are under the age of 7 (sorry for those of you who think its appropriate to wear a Minnie Mouse tshirt on a daily basis- Stacey and Clinton say NO my friends...)
-My mom is one of my best friends
(this was right after our butts got soaked... it was raining)
This trip was a blast! Probably one of the last "mommy and whitney" trips we will have (I think our last one was when I was 12.) My mom rode BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN for the first time in her 50+ trips to DL and she loved it so much we went back 3 times. She even did space mountain again and was bummer when Matterhorn and Goofy's flight school were broken... I think I created a Disneyland rollercoaster monster!
(check out her sa-weet hair)

The new Ariel ride was so cute! (We went back 4 times) And we got special passes to skip the whole 1hour line at the 3D toystory ride AND we got to see World of Color from the fast pass area (and we didn't have fast passes!)
(look its the new Whitney action figure!)

And now its REALLY back to reality. No more trips for me... and thank goodness because I'm kind of tired of packing!!!
(fight that palque! scary monster's don't have plaque!)

(mom's fav... fantasyland)
NO more churro's for a while mom ;-)


Diane's Photography said...

Oh your trip looks so fun! It remeinds me of the time Crystal and I went to Sea World by ourselves. It was great!!! both you ladies are awesome.
love ya

Olivia said...

Your trip looks so fun and I love grown ups who love amusement parks. I have been wanting to visit Orlando for Harry Potters Wizidaring World @ Universal Studios since the extension opened- seeing all you Disney fun is really motivating me to the plan the trip.
I'm a first time visitor to your blog, I saw your comment on Ashely's post quoting "The Holiday"- is that not one of the best movies- I love when Iris finally gets her gumption back!

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