Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I wish it were October already

September is a "teasing" month for me... Especially here in California....
September says to me "Hey look! I'm here! Fall is here!"
Lies September... Lies... My car said you were 78 degrees today. Boo.
(look at all those unloved coats (thats not even ALL of them)! please tell me you think thats sad too)

September can't you understand how lonely and unloved my jackets and pea coats and boots feel?
I mean... they BARELY get any use here on the coast as it is... can't you cut them some slack?
 Sigh... I guess I shouldn't blame it all on you.
Afterall the first "official" day of fall is on Friday... But I bet you will still be a whopping 70 degrees
(sigh... someday boots... someday...)

 I guess what really is to blame is California... and the ocean.
So I am really upset at you (September) in California
But WHY couldn't it have been 78 degrees ALL SUMMER?

(poor little J. Crew jacket that has been worn twice... i know... tragic...)

I guess I will just have to wait for October- because right now... October and I are BFF
September in California... I think you need to read the memo... fall should be here...  
And you better be here on Friday


Carrie said...

HAHA so funny! We are slowly inching our way to fall! Can't wait for the boots and comfy sweaters to come out in full swing!
Style in the City

Whitney said...

I agree about September not making up its mind here in Southern California! Although I want it to stay summer for ever. But after looking at all your cute coats I may change my mind. BTW your house is so cute!!

Elle said...

The weather was like that here on the East coast today. It has been chilly the past couple of days and then today we had an 80 degree day!

Courtney said...

Here in Colorado we are already gettin plenty of use out of our hoodies, comfy sweats, peacoats and such! This is the place you need to be! ;)

Diane's Photography said...

I love Fall too...clothes, food, changing of the nature colors and boots!!! the feeling of the sun warmth with the cool breeze blowing on my face! It's the best time of year!