Thursday, September 29, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

 (can you see Lucy sticking her tongue out?)
-When my mom told me her car A.C. was broken and she was buring up and I told her to put some ice in her bra and she said "good idea"...
-The argument I have with myself most mornings. "You need to get up" But I don't want to get up "Yeah I know but you need to" So what? "Well you have to get ready for school" I do? "Yes because it isn't pajama day at school today" You're right, but I still don't want to get up "Well you really should get up, especially since you have to pee" Yeah But I can hold it "No you really can't, and you shouldn't" But if I get up now the dogs will want me to take them pee- its best I just lay in bed "Well you can't lay there forever" Says who?
-The random chicken Shawna and I saw while we were eating lunch that looked like it was wear bellbottoms
-That apparently the only day the one-ups Thanksgiving in food consumption is the Super Bowl... really Americans? It SHOULD be Thanksgiving.
-Also, that Alaska has more earthquakes than California? So... Alaska is cold AND the ground shakes a ton AND Sarah Palin lives there... K remind me not to move there

-I got a B on my pre-cal test... 1/2 of the class failed and only 1 person got an A.
-That hubs is a pilot... I still can't get over that one
-Chobani yogurt (strawberry or blueberry)
-In 2 days it will be OCTOBER
-Which means that I can officially start baking with PUMPKIN
-Which means that Halloween is coming up
-Which means that its time to plan our Halloween party
-And get our costumes!
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

P.S. Friends I got a new job. The hours are late which makes my days 12+ hours so I apologize in advance if I neglect my baby blog a little bit.


Diane's Photography said...

A job? what are you doing? what does that mean for our sewing classes??? Oh...and the ice in the bras was hillarious, did you Mom try it??? cute blog dahling

Whitney said...

12+ hour days?!? I don't think I could do that, working 8 hrs a day is already enough for me. Are you a nurse? I am excited for October too, I am finally coming to terms that Fall is here.