Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awkward and Awesome:

(a little better hint of what I made...)

-When the little girl behind us on Big Thunder Mountain was crying and screaming and mom kept yelling back at her "put your hands in the air it make it better!!!" Um mom weren't you the one who was just freaking out about getting on this ride?
-This lady at the volleyball game the other night... she had on DENIM boots (yes you read correctly) and the best part of it was... the heel was detatching... which MEAN this lady thinks these boots are sexy and she wears them a lot.
-Being the first one done with a test and the dude next to you says "dang gina" and the rest of the class stares at you in amazement as you walk out of class alone... either I did really good or really badly
-People who have strollers at Disneyland and they try to run you over
-Rat tails... yes I actually saw one for the first time in about 10 years and it was on this poor little kid at Disneyland... although I have to say I had this weird feeling that I wanted to braid it... just sayin'
-When you hand your teacher your quiz and she says "ut oh"... um is that good or bad??? I'm assuming not so good... atleast she drops the lowest 4 quizzes... oopsies...

(husband please come home soon... lucy and I are over it...)

-My brande new "something" that I made that looks fabulous if I do say so myself
-Hanging out with Meg at the beach yesterday... dripping ice cream everywhere and makin' a mess was never so much fun ;-)
-Husband comes home on SATURDAY!!!
-October is coming soon... AKA Pinktober
-Did I meantion husband is coming home? In 2 days? Oh I did? Sorry.
-Living by the beach=bliss
-Getting my workout done for the day in the mornings

(mango quinoa salad for dinner tonight... yes i am actually cooking! recipe found HERE from my friend kara)


Diane's Photography said...

That salad looks delish! Can I have the recipe? your Mom is so cute, when you write about her, it makes me laugh! :D

Taylor said...

i love your blog header! adorable! that hat is so cute.

CarolAnn said...

It's a skirt?