Thursday, September 29, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

 (can you see Lucy sticking her tongue out?)
-When my mom told me her car A.C. was broken and she was buring up and I told her to put some ice in her bra and she said "good idea"...
-The argument I have with myself most mornings. "You need to get up" But I don't want to get up "Yeah I know but you need to" So what? "Well you have to get ready for school" I do? "Yes because it isn't pajama day at school today" You're right, but I still don't want to get up "Well you really should get up, especially since you have to pee" Yeah But I can hold it "No you really can't, and you shouldn't" But if I get up now the dogs will want me to take them pee- its best I just lay in bed "Well you can't lay there forever" Says who?
-The random chicken Shawna and I saw while we were eating lunch that looked like it was wear bellbottoms
-That apparently the only day the one-ups Thanksgiving in food consumption is the Super Bowl... really Americans? It SHOULD be Thanksgiving.
-Also, that Alaska has more earthquakes than California? So... Alaska is cold AND the ground shakes a ton AND Sarah Palin lives there... K remind me not to move there

-I got a B on my pre-cal test... 1/2 of the class failed and only 1 person got an A.
-That hubs is a pilot... I still can't get over that one
-Chobani yogurt (strawberry or blueberry)
-In 2 days it will be OCTOBER
-Which means that I can officially start baking with PUMPKIN
-Which means that Halloween is coming up
-Which means that its time to plan our Halloween party
-And get our costumes!
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

P.S. Friends I got a new job. The hours are late which makes my days 12+ hours so I apologize in advance if I neglect my baby blog a little bit.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Painted Nail

Has anyone watched that show? I mostely see it on the TV guide channel (yes I watch the TV guide channel... they show re-runs of the Hills when Heidi looked more normal). Well I was watching it yesterday and and it got me thinking about my nail polish collection... which is kind of out of control....

I blame it on People Style Watch... and maybe on Pinterest.
"Do you even USE all of those?" Husband said
"Erm... I have at some point" I said

And then I eliminated the ones I wasn't in love with anymore

(the survivors)

But it still didn't make it that much better
But don't you agree that sometimes a fresh coat of paint on your phalanges is just what you need as a little pick me up? I think so my friends. I think so. (obviously)
(the newest members- gray, green, turq., brown... love)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The hour I had red lips

As many of you may know... M.A.C. gives away a free lipstick if you use and save 6 of the little pots/jars etc. that they have their makeup in. So this last Friday I decided to go and get my free lipstick...

As much as I love color and I love how red lips look on everyone else... I had every intention of going in there and getting a nude(ish) shade...

You can imagine my surprise when it was my voice that said "I want to try the Russian Red!"... Ha! Thanks self... I actually really DID want to try the Russian Red...

Oh boy, then the fun started... all the lip lining and coloring and smearing red all over my face... I don't think I can do this- I thought
As you could probably imagine- I was having committment issues with my new Russian Red lips (because I have never had red lips before) So I had the girl show me how to do winged liner. I ended up not buying anything because- I was afraid of what Devin would think (ha)... and because the girl said "You look like a pin-up!" and "In my professional opinion..."

By the time Devin got home all that was left of my red lips was the liner... on the very outside of my lips... And it wasn't very cute

I think I will have to try again soon...
And for a good laugh... husband said this is my impression of Angelina Jolie
I think its what I would look like with collagen...

Friday, September 23, 2011

Star Struck!

Husband and I share a love of telling our "star struck" stories... Probably because we talk about them... and then forget them right away so we can keep having this convo over and over again... because who doesn't like celebrity spotting? And saying "remember that time when..."

So I thought I would share some of my "star" sightings with you.

#1. Peter Gallagher
This sighting happened at LAX. I was on my way to BYU-I and had a layover in LAX. I was on my way to my 2nd flight to SLC and there he was just walking towards me. He smiled and waved and I smiled. I knew he looked familiar but it didn't register who he was until after I was on my flight. And only then I remembered he was "Johnathan" from Center Stage.

#2. Jamie Lee Curtis

This one happened fairly recently. Devin and I were in L.A. about to go eat at B.J's over by UCLA and as we were walking past a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Devin suddenly says "Hey look! Its the Activia lady!" I turn and go "Huh?" and then I see her and I shout "Oh Jamie Lee Curtis!" she looked at me... and I was embarrassed... and I didn't want to bug her so we kept walking.

I have met other "stars" like Conan O'Brien before he was famous. Mark Burnett (producer of Survivor). The entire cast of the very first Survivor... and I went to Middle School with Zac Efron (keep your shrieks to yourself ladies... I even have a picture of me kissing his cheek when we were in 7th grade somewhere). But my very favorite star sighting ever HAS to be...

#3 Fabio
This sighting also happened at LAX (that is apparently the place to go). We were on our way to Hawaii and one of the engines in our plane exploded (yes I thought we were going to die) so we had to turn around and go back to LAX. And guess who I saw waiting with us in the terminal? FABIO! Oh my goodness he was fabulous! He was wearing denim on denim, and cowboy boots. And I SWEAR his hair was "blowin' in the breeze" even though we were inside. It. Was. Awesome.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

(If Kate Middleton outfit repeats then so can I.... right?)
-How I always think of things during that week that are perfect for my awkwards and how I almost always forget them until after I publish the post. Fail.
-When I told this dude in my pre-cal class that he has arms as big as some girls legs...
-How my sports med. teacher always calls me "Sue-Fell" um... obviously he hasn't read my blog header.
-That time when I sprained my ankle in 6th grade on a trampoline (this fat girl double bounced me crazy high) and I had to skip P.E. and of all the sports I could miss... the one that I had to sit out for was BOWLING... seirously? I had to write a paper instead. I also slipped and fell infront of a cute boy in the cafeteria on my crutches....
-When my pre-cal teacher said "see that girl over there... she is wearing glasses and wearing all that pink- thats Whitney" you just wait pre-cal teacher next week I won't wear any pink... maybe...
-Scraping the last little bit of concealer out of the jar because bygolly I paid for that stuff and I am going to use it all up!- I think I can make it one more day before I have to go to Macy's.
-That my parents expected me to sleep in a room full of these.....

-Husband is home! Ta da!
-Biggest Loser... Modern Family... Up all night....
-Husband and my text convo while I was at a volleyball game this last week... Check it out...
Me: Oh my gosh bug that game was so intense... Righetti 2 St Joes 1... they have to win this last game in order to actually win
Husband: Whoa bug you know what they need right now...
Me: This is the tale of captain jack sparrow?
Me: More cow bell?
Me: Pom poms?
Husband: The perfect cheer...
-Tomorrow is Friday!
-My quilt is coming along!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I wish it were October already

September is a "teasing" month for me... Especially here in California....
September says to me "Hey look! I'm here! Fall is here!"
Lies September... Lies... My car said you were 78 degrees today. Boo.
(look at all those unloved coats (thats not even ALL of them)! please tell me you think thats sad too)

September can't you understand how lonely and unloved my jackets and pea coats and boots feel?
I mean... they BARELY get any use here on the coast as it is... can't you cut them some slack?
 Sigh... I guess I shouldn't blame it all on you.
Afterall the first "official" day of fall is on Friday... But I bet you will still be a whopping 70 degrees
(sigh... someday boots... someday...)

 I guess what really is to blame is California... and the ocean.
So I am really upset at you (September) in California
But WHY couldn't it have been 78 degrees ALL SUMMER?

(poor little J. Crew jacket that has been worn twice... i know... tragic...)

I guess I will just have to wait for October- because right now... October and I are BFF
September in California... I think you need to read the memo... fall should be here...  
And you better be here on Friday

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Being a Guest in Your Old Home

The other night I got all freaked out being home alone while Devin was gone. Can you BLAME me? It was the first time in the 3 weeks he was gone that I had come home after DARK (smart Whit really smart) and Lucy was freaking out and there was this man outside my house and... sigh... anyway... My parents decided that I should spend the last few nights Devin was gone at their house...
(this is us right after we bought our house. the fence is now gone, as is the basketball hoop)

I wanted to say, "Wait... Mom... your house? But that used to be my house too!" That was the house I "grew up" in. I lived a whopping 10 years in that house. I had slumber parties, and got ready for football games, proms, and dates in that "guest" bathroom that used to be entirely pink (now its blue). That is where I slept and dreamt and worried. That is where I came home after every date with Devin and where I came after we got engaged. It is where I found out I was going away to school at BYU-I and where I learned how to make sweetpotato pies. It is where I cried after I had breakups and where I dreamt about my new life with Devin. How is this not my house anymore? I remember moving all of my stuff out of my "room" when Devin and I got married... and it was sad... kinda... but not as sad as going back and staying in the guest bedroom.
(right when we were moving in)

Odly enough as many memories that that house holds for me it doesn't feel like home anymore.
(christmas time at our house... see lucy up there?)

I missed my house. My own bed. My own snuggly blankies. I missed the home that Devin and I created together. The place where both him and I share our space and our love. And thats the way it should be.
(our mantle as we were moving in...)

Sorry old house, as sad as it is... you aren't my home anymore. My home is where my husband is...
(our mantle last year at Christmas)

Although it is nice to have mom make "sleeping potion" (AKA hot chocolate) before bed and for her to let you eat frosted miniwheats for breakfast the next morning ;-)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Sew what?

Remember when I said that I had finished ONE project?

Well... I acutally finished TWO!?
(Halloween wreath, and hand made pencil skirt!)
I know I know... you are amazed and clapping for joy and cheering for me right now...
And if you aren't then husband is amazed enough for all of us. I think I surprised everyone by suddenly being the type of girl that looks at something and thinks "Hey I can make that?" Who would have thought? Obviously not my parents because everytime I cook/bake/sew/make something new its like I'm a baby again and I learned a new word. Or perhaps I am 5 and just leanred to tie my own shoes....
"And YOU made that?"
Yes you guys... Yes I did...
Shoes: Nine West. Skirt: ME! Sweater: Nordys. Necklace: J Crew

Friday, September 16, 2011

Things I Won't Be Able To Do....

Once husband gets home on Saturday....
(my overflowing laundry basket...)

#1. Survive soley on oatmeal, apples and peanut butter
#2. Leave the laundry to pile up because I have enough clothing to probably keep me going for a good 3 months (if not more)
#3. Also leave the dishes in the dishwasher... because I haven't used too many
#4. Leave my sewing space in the house. I am pretty sure that sucker will be moved into outer darkness (aka the garage)
#5. Take up the entire middle of the bed when I sleep
#6. Use his pillow
#7. Let my leg hairs grow because no one will see them
#8. Share my food with Lucy (sshhhh I'm not supposed to be doing that)
#9. Use his razor when I do decide to shave me legs... believe me he notices
#10. Sleep with the pepper spray on the bedside table incase there are intruders (because he will think that is just silly)

Dear Husband,
You have been gone way too long. Me and Lucy can't wait to see you and I can't wait to give up (most) of the things on my above list!

As a side note friends... remember yesterday when one of my "awesome's" was hanging out with MEG at the beach and eating ice cream? Well go HERE and HERE to see more of what we were up to... P.S. Meg is amazing no?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awkward and Awesome:

(a little better hint of what I made...)

-When the little girl behind us on Big Thunder Mountain was crying and screaming and mom kept yelling back at her "put your hands in the air it make it better!!!" Um mom weren't you the one who was just freaking out about getting on this ride?
-This lady at the volleyball game the other night... she had on DENIM boots (yes you read correctly) and the best part of it was... the heel was detatching... which MEAN this lady thinks these boots are sexy and she wears them a lot.
-Being the first one done with a test and the dude next to you says "dang gina" and the rest of the class stares at you in amazement as you walk out of class alone... either I did really good or really badly
-People who have strollers at Disneyland and they try to run you over
-Rat tails... yes I actually saw one for the first time in about 10 years and it was on this poor little kid at Disneyland... although I have to say I had this weird feeling that I wanted to braid it... just sayin'
-When you hand your teacher your quiz and she says "ut oh"... um is that good or bad??? I'm assuming not so good... atleast she drops the lowest 4 quizzes... oopsies...

(husband please come home soon... lucy and I are over it...)

-My brande new "something" that I made that looks fabulous if I do say so myself
-Hanging out with Meg at the beach yesterday... dripping ice cream everywhere and makin' a mess was never so much fun ;-)
-Husband comes home on SATURDAY!!!
-October is coming soon... AKA Pinktober
-Did I meantion husband is coming home? In 2 days? Oh I did? Sorry.
-Living by the beach=bliss
-Getting my workout done for the day in the mornings

(mango quinoa salad for dinner tonight... yes i am actually cooking! recipe found HERE from my friend kara)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


"I know you can feel overwhelmed... and you can feel underwhelmed... but can you ever just be- whelmed?".... "I think you can in Europe..." - 10 Things I Hate About You

I have decided that "whelmed" is exactly the word to describe how I have been feeling lately. TOTALLY NOT underwhelmed (thats for dang sure) and not quite overwhelmed... I am... simply... whelmed.

I had all these fantastic projects lined up for when husband was gone to keep me busy and...
None of them are done (ok ok one of them is done)

I had this vision of husband comming home and our house would be transformed with my fantastic DIY projects and he would say "Whoa!" and be awestruck at my awesomeness... Alas- I fear that dream has been squashed like a bug.

You see I started out with this great ambition of making this little beauty...
I know its GORGEOUS right? And it seemed simple enough... oh how wrong I was

Que almost 3 weeks later working on this project and this is how far I have gotten...

Yup just a pile of rows... sheesh...

There is one little spec of light at the end of my crafy tunnel... I DID finish one project yesterday (thanks to my fabulous sewing teacher) but sorry friends you only get a little sneak peak of it...

I'll give you 3 guesses as to what it is... but you will only need 1

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?

Find friends in unexpected places is one of my favorite passtimes... Like when we went to China peak and Dev still wanted to skii and the girl sitting next to me shared her People magazines with me... or this last week when mom and I were at Disneyland and we became instant friends with the family behind us because I told them to use hand santizer to get the yucky feet smell out of their noses (they were mormon too)... Even if it was only for that brief moment... Instant friends...
(what I wore yesterday.. and couldn't get a good picture of. Pants and top: J Crew. Cardi: Express. Shoes: Rocketdog)

So today when I was doing my homework in the Library... I thought nothing of it when this girl sits down next to me... until she says "cute glasses!" my new-friend-radar was kinda going off already... but I didn't pay that much attention to her except to mumble thanks... I wasn't inclined to listen to my new-friend-radar while I am trying to do my homework thankyouverymuch...

That was until she asked me for help on her homework. My snotty little self wanted to say "can't you see that I'm doing my homework?" But as I finally looked up at this cuuute little girl next to me... my rushed attitude left. She was wearing Nicole Miller glasses... the ones that I LOVE...and we were almost wearing the exact same outfit (except she had RED lips! I WANT RED LIPS TOO!)  so I took the time, helped her with her homework, and still finished mine in a timely manner.
(me after the library today... not that you care but my cute friend and I had on almost identical outfits)

Had I kept my stupid my-homework-and-problems-are-more-important-than-yours I would have missed the talk of "cute jeans"... thanks!..."are they citizens?"... no these are sevens, I have a some citizens but my butt was feeling too big for those today... "you should try joe's jeans, they are great for big butts"... I know! I love joe's jeans!...

It was a good reminder to not be hasty, to help someone in need, and always be a friend to someone even if that person isn't your BEST friend.

I left the library thinking "Have I done any good in the world today"... Thanks cute girl in the library for reminding me to take a chill pill...

Monday, September 12, 2011

M-I-C.... K-E-Y...

OH Mickey Mouse... how I love you...

Hello little corner of the internet that I have been neglecting for a few days! (sorry) I was too busy having fun at Disneyland. Luckily my mother and I share a LOVE of all things Disney (but no we are not the weirdies who have Disney jean jackets mmmmkkkkk) and she took me this weekend to the Happiest Place on Earth because... well.... in case you haven't noticed I have been feeling pretty down-in-the-dumps with the hubs being gone and all...
(Mom and me with Aladdin! We saw the show too...)

(from the Monster's inc. ride... sugar, salt, & fat... oh too true)

Things I re-learned on this Disney trip:
-America needs to go on a diet ...and people are slowly losing the ability to "walk" apparently.
-Seeing Mickey Mouse is still as exciting for me now as it was when I was 5
-People who have smelly feet should really NOT wear sandals... or just wear deodorant on their feet
-My dream job is to be a professional "waiter in line" at Disneyland. (and an employee there gave me a great recomendation and a website where I can apply to be a cast member)
-Wearing Disney stuff outside of Disneyland is not cool unless you are under the age of 7 (sorry for those of you who think its appropriate to wear a Minnie Mouse tshirt on a daily basis- Stacey and Clinton say NO my friends...)
-My mom is one of my best friends
(this was right after our butts got soaked... it was raining)
This trip was a blast! Probably one of the last "mommy and whitney" trips we will have (I think our last one was when I was 12.) My mom rode BIG THUNDER MOUNTAIN for the first time in her 50+ trips to DL and she loved it so much we went back 3 times. She even did space mountain again and was bummer when Matterhorn and Goofy's flight school were broken... I think I created a Disneyland rollercoaster monster!
(check out her sa-weet hair)

The new Ariel ride was so cute! (We went back 4 times) And we got special passes to skip the whole 1hour line at the 3D toystory ride AND we got to see World of Color from the fast pass area (and we didn't have fast passes!)
(look its the new Whitney action figure!)

And now its REALLY back to reality. No more trips for me... and thank goodness because I'm kind of tired of packing!!!
(fight that palque! scary monster's don't have plaque!)

(mom's fav... fantasyland)
NO more churro's for a while mom ;-)