Thursday, August 18, 2011

You're Killin' Me Smalls

You know... I never did get my "legit" s'mores. Legit as in wood, fire, camping, sticks... the whole shebang. Nope. We sort of "skipped that part" when we went to bed at 7pm while we were camping. We didn't even light a fire that night. I didn't even use a candle to melt my 'mallow for one... L.A.M.E.
I was feelin' kinda sad about that... but the other night when husband got home (and after we ate dinner... because we are adults and have to eat dinner first... sometimes) he said "Let's go get some Fro-Yo!" Uh done. and done.

You can imagine our surprise and utter glee when we saw that they had MARSHMALLOW and DARK CHOCOLATE flavored Fro-Yo. We both looked at each other... and we knew. We knew what was coming....

S'mores Fro-Yo... the angles were singing in heaven.

And that was definitely legit.

Fear not... Awkward and Awesome's to come later on so check back!

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Bay Park Dream said...

Yumm Froyo is my favorite.. let's be honest, I have it for dinner more than I should admit. ;)

P.S. I really your new blog layout.. looks nice :)