Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Things I won't do

I thought this was too funny not to share
So I was just going through some of my stuff (yes I am organizing thank you very much) and I found this random piece of paper... good thing I didn't throw it away because it gave me a good laugh! Its from when Devin and I were dating and we must have written it in church because its written on the other side of a Noah's Ark drawing....

It is entitled "Things I won't do"
(Devin's suggestions will be in blue and mine will be in pink just so you can follow it easier)

1. Wear my keys on my belt loop

2. Come to church with my shirt and pants unironed

3. Mention that I have had tremendous spiritual experiences but say they are too personal for the pulpit -and I definitely won't mention it more than once

4. Show up to any public event/outing looking like I just woke up and like I haven't showered

5. Wear a watch with Velcro for anything except running a marathon

6. Wear hoochie earrings for anything except a Halloween costume

7. Grow sideburns down to your chin. Anything past the ear in unacceptable -unless I join a biker gang.


Diane's Photography said...

Whitney, you and Devin are Hillarious!!! haahaa! see you later today

The Ponycats said...

hahaha unless I join a biker gang, never throw it away (: I like your blog!
-Sandra Ponycat