Tuesday, August 23, 2011


(I sat for a while looking at that bright pink box wondering if I should open it or not...)

 Look at what I got! A NEW SEWING MACHINE!

(Isn't she beautiful? (Yes its a SHE). Husqvarna Emerald 116. And I love it! Hopefully I wont break it....)

I haven't decided what to call her yet... Originally I was going to call her "Josie". Anyone remember watching "Never Been Kissed" where Drew Berrymore is "Josie Gheller" and she is a weirdo and sits at home at night at cross-stitches? Anyone? Devin's idea was to name it "Stitch" and I said I liked "Lilo" (as in Lilo and Stitch) better. But then I also liked "Dolly"... so for now she is un-named. Any suggestions?

I have a tendency to name things. Like my car's name is Charlie. Devin's truck's name is Brody.... my snowboard is name Sally... see the trend?
So- does anyone have a favorite craft/sewing blogs that they care to share with me? I currently am trying to make a pin-wheel pillow... I am also in the market for a cheap wood desk that I can repaint (PINK!) for my sewing area... that has yet to be created.

But I am super excited to do some home projects. Devin has now started calling me a "Susie-home-maker" and I used to think that that title would freak me out... but it doesn't. Husband said "I never thought you would sew or be a gourmet chef"... thanks cute man.
(The very first thing I made with my new machine! A t-shirt.... haha! Please ignore the ugly picture and the green sleeves... I just wanted to try it on)


Diane's Photography said...

Whitney, I LOVE the sewing machine! and it's cute it came in a pink box just for you! I like the T-shirt too...you done good! Bring it when you come for your next sewing lesson I want to see it. I knew you'd be a good seamstress...way to go girl!
love ya

Jamie said...

Congrats on the sewing machine! I got my first one for Christmas and have finally started using it. Sadly, it doesn't get enough use and I haven't attempted any clothes yet. But, you must look at this sight: http://sewingin-nomansland.blogspot.com/ I have so many patterns of hers on my Pinterest and am dying to get my hands on them!

Christina Marie said...

cant wait to get my own sewing machine as well.... theres just something so "domestic homemaker" about it:)