Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stay Strong and Carry on...

"Stay strong"... Husband told me as I dropped him off at the air port. "Don't cry. I love you! And I will see you soon!"

"You can't MAKE me stay strong thankyouverymuch... you're leaving me- I know its not by choice- and I'm stuck here and I don't want you to go!"- I wanted to say. But I didn't. I said, "Be safe, I love you more." And I didn't cry- atleast not at the airport.

I tried so so hard to stay strong this whooooooooole week- and last night as we got into bed I just couldn't take it any more. I cried. And husband held me. And told me he loved me.

I am thankful that he isn't being deployed. I am thankful that it is only 3 weeks (the way I have been acting you would have thought that he was leaving for a year). I am thankful that he will still be in the US. I am thankful that I will still be able to talk to him- and that I get to visit him in a few days.

Why am I being such a baby about it? No matter how long husband leaves me for I think its always going to be hard for me.

One day at a time.


Mrs. Ham said...

that has to be so hard. hope it goes by fast!!

lori said...

im sure it is very hard... regardless of how long he is gone. my husband went to trooper school and we were not able to see each other (or hardly talk) for several weeks and it was NO FUN. i hope it goes by quickly for you... try to stay busy and focus on some things you want to do for you while he is gone.

Christina Marie said...

its certainly the pits when the other half isnt around, but it sure does get easier with time. or so they say :)