Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pre normal Thursday post

Don't worry friends Awkward and Awesome is coming your way a little later on in the day! (I am waiting until I hang out with SHAWNA {woohooo!} because usually something AWESOME happens... and sometimes something awkward too)

So as you may or may not know I have been doing the INSANITY workouts
(product review coming soon I am on my last 2 days!)

But since its the morning (early) and I am about to go do one of my last workouts I wanted to share what I have been eating for breakfast in the morning... because... its kinda weird... and I like it!

(this is minus my actual oatmeal- it was cooking)

OK so first I start off with plain ol' oatmeal (booorrrring). Then I splash a little bit of Almond milk in my bowl. Have any of you ever tried almond milk? I love it! I usually buy the original unsweetened and its only 40 calories! Hello! Amazing. The kind in the pic. is 60 calories but that's still amazing.

Then I put a little bit of {powdered} peanut butter in there (about a tsp). Whoever created this stuff is a genius. It has 85% less fat! And it mixes nicely too. I also add a squirt of agave nectar (because I'm super precise in my measurements). AND finally... I add my protein powder to my oatmeal... I know I know its weird but honestly its better than drinkin' it sometimes! This way I get fiber, calcium, protein and if I decide to add a banana I get a serving of fruit. Fabulous. Oh and I have also been drinking the green machine Naked juice. That stuff is GOOD but I can only handle a cup before I start gettin' super grossed out.

And just because I am rambling too much already this morning... A shot of my outfit yesterday
Because I know you care ;-)

Shoes: Marshall's. Jeans: 7 for all mankind (there's pink stitching on the pockets!) Tshirt and Cardi: JCrew. Sunglasses: Rayban wayfarer's. Car: Mom's.


Natalie said...

My first visit to your blog and I'm totally going to try out your crazy breakfast! I've never had almond milk, but I like almonds...and milk, so I'll give it a go. And hello?! Powered PB? That's bananas (or just PB really). Peanut butter is probably my favourite food (next to chocolate), so this new-to-me form is intriguing!

Ok, this is the longest comment ever so I'll go!

west coast girl said...

thats hilarious cause we are on day 25 of p90x and i have oatmeal with agave in it EVERY MORNING! i have tried with with my almond milk too. gooood. ;) and ps- looks like we are meal-plan twinners too. awesome.