Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My name is Whitney... and I have a problem

So... you know how I told you that I like love info-mercials? Well... I kinda found something EVEN better.
Yes... I am now a QVC/HSN junkie. I can't help it! Its like 24/7 info-mercials! And they are hilarious. I really don't like to watch  jewelery or technology stuff but I am all about the kitchen stuff, home decor, cosmetics, clothing- its so much fun (to me)!
Don't worry though... I haven't bought anything.... quite yet... I have been tempted to though...

Does anyone remember Tonly Little and the gazelle? Well as it so happens he has been making regular appreances on HSN and it has been my sole source of entertainment this week... because the dude is just ridiculous.

(you're welcome)

Some of my favorites of his (other than the gazelle... and the fantastic picture above) - are his new bison burgers and his barefoot footwear...

Hours of fun friends... hours of fun :-)

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