Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lust List- Fall

I don't care that its still hot outside... I want it to be fall already! My jackets are feeling pretty lonely in that closet of mine. As such, here is my lust list for Fall (because I honestly can't wait).

I'm dying for these Frye Melissa button boots. I have a hard time finding boots that fit over my man calves. But these babies do the trick. They are on my Christmas list.

OK how fantastic is this Burberry trench? I love it. But a look-a-like will do my budget better :-) or... maybe an outlet store...

Delia's yellow "Devin military" pea coat... I think it was meant to be don't you?

Fantastic and cozy sweaters! I am loving this ballet inspired one

Bright pant c/o Zara. Fall/Winter can be so gloomy! Spice up your darker layers with a splash of color... Just because its fall doesn't mean all your clothing has to be muted colors.

Tights... if Kate Middleton does it... so can we! AND it keeps your legs warmer... genius.


Mrs. Ham said...

ahhh those pants from zara! too bad they don't have an online store you can buy from. whats that all about?? anyways i swear last week they were on sale for 9 bucks! yep thats right? you're adorable. i'm following you!

lori said...

hey whitney! thanks for checking out my blog. i absolutely LOVE that yellow coat and the ballet inspired sweater... and if those pants come in red i need to buy them for football season! :)

love your blog! i will be following now and look forward to reading more.

Candace Stevenson said...

okay I would DIE for that yellow pea coat. sooooooo cute!!!

Lovely Little Rants

Natalie said...

Love love love! That yellow pea coat is amaaaazing!